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(Closed) The Unofficial Instructables 2017 K'NEX Gun Contest! Answered

Greetings, Instructables K'NEX Community! Now it's time for the Unofficial Instructables 2017 K'NEX Gun Contest! I am hosting this contest to hopefully stir up some creativity in the Instructables K'nex Community. There will be five winners, each of which will receive a place in my "Top Five New K'NEX Guns of 2017" collection. I will also post pictures of the winners' guns on this forum topic when the contest is over, and the winners will each receive a custom image "trophy" to put on their profile page if they wish. I will try to build as many of the entered guns as I can, and I will judge them by range, efficiency, accuracy, and innovation.

If you wish to enter in this contest, here are the rules:

1. The K'NEX gun that you wish to enter in the contest has to have been posted to Instructables.com from Jan. 1, 2017 and up. No older entries will be accepted. Also, it must be working. Test your gun out several times before posting it.

2. Your entry must be a fully documented Instructable, with pictures and full instructions, as well as information about the gun. A video would be preferred, but is not necessary. Multiple entries are allowed, but please take your time building your gun.

3. The contest is active from January 16th, 2017 - July 4th, 2017 (Updated). No entries will be accepted unless they meet these deadlines.

4. To enter, you must build a K'NEX gun in 2017 and post it to Instructables.com according to the guidelines listed above. Then, you must provide
a link to your instructable in the comments below. All entries will be posted above once accepted.

Now that the guidelines are clear, get out your K'NEX, awaken your imagination, and start building! I am looking forward to seeing, building, and testing the entries. Hopefully this contest will stir up some creativity in the Instructables K'NEX Community. If anyone has any questions or concerns regarding this contest, please PM me, or let me know in the comments below.

(Partial credit for pictures goes to CorgiCritter, MechMind7, Seleziona, and dr.richtofen)


"Knex Beretta M9 Pistol" by dynamite_kid

"Knex MP5K" by dynamite_kid

"ZipDart V.2 -- Repeater Slingshot" by Dreamwave


The winners are:

1st Place: "ZipDart V.2 -- Repeater Slingshot" by Dreamwave

2nd Place: "Knex MP5K" by dynamite_kid

3rd Place: "Knex Beretta M9 Pistol" by dynamite_kid

Congratulations everybody and thank you for participating! Hopefuly we can do this again in the future if you guys want to. Thanks!

Woot :P

Thanks for running this contest, it got me back into this stuff after a bit of a break which was a ton of fun. I look forward to seeing what else comes of this community in the future, and hope that we see more contests going forward

hi dreamwave first I would like to say well done for winning first prize and for the record your gun totally deserved to be first place as it's better than mine. Awesome gun

Thanks! I definitely look forward to seeing your designs evolve with time

Could you base it on the pictures please if it's easy for you

also I know how u feel about stressing about school. I am starting school nextweek

when are the results due

Sorry for the long wait, I have been extremely busy with other things and school is starting up soon for me. Unfortunately, I don't think that I will have the time to build these guns and test them, so I could either just close the contest and post no winners, or I could judge the guns based on what I see in the pictures of the gun. Which would you prefer?

when are the results due

Not sure when the judging will end, since I am very busy with other
stuff, but it shouldn't be a very long time. Thanks for entering!

Great! Sorry for the late reply. Not sure when the judging will end, since I am very busy with other stuff, but it shouldn't be a very long time. Thanks for entering!

it's all good. Thanks for running the contest! Kinda wish there were more entries but I guess the community is experiencing a bit of a lull right now.

I think I may be finished! I'll have to do some testing, but so far it's fairly reliable and doesn't break parts much during use. Lot of mechanical elements, but what's new there? :)


That one looks so cool! I will probably make it if I have enough peices.

It does involve a lot of broken parts, including a few quite specific to this design, I'll warn you of that right now. It's definitely a fairly cool build (the one I'm so far most proud of, hence the ZipDart name) but quite complicated with a lot of broke parts, most definitely.

Thankfully many of them are not required (can be swapped out) or are common ones (cut white rods.) I think there may be 5 or so special cut ones, with two of them retaining their full normal capability (just shaving off some plastic that gets in the way but isn't part of what the connector actually uses to grip pieces.) I will probably do a head count of which are required and which can be gone without.

The site is being super unstable for me. Still uploading stuff and getting it all sorted out. I'll post the link as soon as I finish

I think that it is worth sacrificing some of my pieces to build, so that is not much of a problem.

Very much rushing right now to get the instructions assembled and uploaded, sorry for being so late about things

Don't worry about it! Since you have already completed the actual gun, I will make an exception for you.

Thank you, I'm crippling our internet connection trying to get all the photos uploaded as there are a couple hundred needed to really show how to build it. It's very complicated internally and requires a lot of detail as to exactly how some stuff is positioned that is hard to show on camera, and even more difficult to describe. I hope people like it, it took forever to build and is taking a significant chunk of time to show how to build it. I'll get it up asap, even if that isn't before noon

P.S. which time zone are you in? :P

I guess I picked the right time to make a reappearance! ZipDart v.2 coming soon, that's what I'll enter

Awesome! I am really looking forward to it! It's great that this contest is getting so much attention.

The actual build is "super-top-secret" until posting it, but I've definitely gotten the core gun that I will submit. It is a bolt action, repeating railgun that gets upward of 100ft ranges flat (zero drop for a full 30ft, then gradual drop from there) with the ammo that fits in the magazine. Super psyched to get it working, but will definitely take my time before posting to work out every single kink I can.

Gun is more or less complete, now just evaluating ammo revisions to try to get one that is the most stable in flight without catching when taken out of the mag

100 feet flat is quite the performance, even with fin ammo.

I've seen it with the TR8 before, so I know it's possible.

As for ammo, rods seldom go past 70 feet, though a blue clip and green rod snapped together might be able to get quite a bit more then that.

Good luck on finishing your entry up!

Yeah, just did a range test and found that it is flinging a grey connector + green rod + blue clip a full 120ft. I honestly don't know how it's getting these kinds of ranges, as there is a fair amount of friction inside the shuttle mech and I don't have a ton of bands on it.

almost done and looking for input on aesthetic design, so i figure a sneak peek is in order :p


Dreamwave, do you think that I should extend the contest deadline to give participants more time to work on their guns?

That would probably be nice, I'm currently completing senior year of high school and have a ton going on until the summer so I can't do much until early june myself. If late June is possible, that would work best for me but it depends on what everyone else thinks

Yeah, I was kinda hoping to have a strict deadline, but if a few other people comment here and say that I ought to change it, then I might.

Wow, that looks really nice, Dreamwave! I can't wait to build it and try it out! :)

current specs:

Bolt action with forward assist

Bolt/chambering catch

Retractable stock (long enough though that even i, at 6'2" keep it at the shortest setting)

60 ft range with the recommended mag-loaded rounds (caliber adaptable design though, so this may be changed)

Up to 120 ft with manually loaded rounds

Between 8 and 14 rounds per minute

Swivel out magazine with release

Still working on increasing accuracy, possibly adding a hop up, and on streamlining operation. I'll probably post a v.1 very soon but I'd wait for the v.2 to come a little bit later to really build unless you are antsy to see how it functions.

It has a bunch tied together, but at its thinnest point probably a single #33 band on each side of the shuttle

When you have time I may want to draw a bit on your experience with what works and what doesn't, I think I'm trying to reinvent the wheel in a couple places where I really don't need to