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The Walking Bike Answered

Walking Bike

I am trying to figure out how and what type of metal he used to make this Seriously cool and I definitely want to make one.



7 years ago


Had a buddy who built one of these, he said it was rather straight forward.  He used a metal 'foot' plate welded to each 'spoke'  that was slightly curved upward (when the plate was on the ground), to make a shoe lift up at the toe in a curve.  Each foot plate, was then fitted with a shoe, and the inside space filled with an RTV compound to make sure the shoe doesn't squirm around on the plate.  If you want speed and the shoe bottoms follow a smooth curve, he suggested you run a small rod from spoke to spoke above the shoe tops and welded to the spokes to make a support like the rim of a bike rim.  If you put an RTV layer below the plate (between the foot plate and the shoe), the effect is a sort of suspension and the ride is a bit smoother.  Once the shoe wears out, you have to cut it apart to get it off, as the RTV makes getting the shoe off nearly impossible.  Add a new shoe, add the RTV and let it set up and off you go.  My buddy said that riding it in downtown Minneapolis one day netted him six offers to buy the bike.  He sold his bike a week later, and the guy paid him $300 for the bike 'as is' This ought to be a very eye catching item for parades and the like.

WOW... LOL.. gosh... you should use aluminum. it doesn't look like you could go very fast though unless the toes bend to make a circle

Well, I'm fairly sure it's not intended to go faster than... walking speed... ;-)

Maybe if he use running shoes he could go faster haha

yeah lol but it still would be hard to peddle I think its not even meant for rideing

I don't think this one is but surely you could make one? Part of the problem appears to be insufficiently supported toes flapping around- with uniformly curved rigid shoe inserts it would probably go faster, maybe even jogging speed. I'm a little disappointed, though- I wanted to see a sit-on walker with pedal powered legs wearing human shoes :) Anyone want to build one of those?


10 years ago

I'm not convinced..... :/ xD


10 years ago

If you wanted stability you should make a trike or a quad.

Very cool in a artistic mindset but not that cool in a practical mindset.

Hmm, I wonder if the person used old shoe makers shoe trees (the kind that disassembled)?

If you couldn't get that up to any speed, I don't see how it would be very easy to ride. Absolutely no gyroscopic stability at all with those wheels

AWSOME! A walking bike! Ive had ideas for one, but never really thoguht about makeing one =/