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The Xbox Answered

 Could you take a XBOX hard drive and plug it into a regular computer mobo and just use your computer as an XBOX.



If Microsoft not locked down their machines software and legally, you could use them as a regular pc. Sony does the same crap.

You took this question backwards, I wanted to go the other way.

Yes and no. No you can not expect a pc to be an original xbox. Mostly because the original xbox has proprietary firmware though they use the same parts. You would need some kind of emulator based on the firmware of the xbox. As for the xbox 360, not only is the same true but I then they use a powerpc cpu and not an intel based one.

Ok, I had a friend who wanted to make an xbox flip, so like an xbox laptop that could do everything a normal one could. We wondered if you could use our own parts to shrink up the xbox into a small case and still run the xbox OS

The XBox is everything except the hard drive, which is just storage.


 So were would an xbox's OS be.

If you want to run XBox games on a PC go about doing that, I'd seach for that subject. Taking the HD out of the XBox and plugging it into your PC isn't going to make it an XBox. The machine is constructed differently to a PC so that the components in it give best performance for games. Without the XBox bits you've still only got a PC.
The XBox OS isn't going to like being plugged into new hardware it won't work with it, but it's Windows of some sort and I guess it's on the HDD or maybe in RAM.