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The animatronic project Is finished Answered

Here my instructable
My Animatronic Mod Project
In 2003 I made a casemod MONSTERMOD ( picture 1), Just a creature sculpture tearing out of a PC case.
And It Didnt Move . So , I want the next MONSTERMOD to MOVE.
Maybe to tell me that I have email.... Picture people's PCs having Heads .
There favorite movie star or rock star maybe a animal. Maybe like Hal from 2001
Space Odyssey .But, My animatronic Mod Has no A.I. But maybe one day. Im programming
the 16 servo movements into the PC and press the play to play the movements a lip
sync routine.
Well, For Over 2 years now I have been working My Animatronic Mod.
My Animatronic Mod is a floating creature head over a desktop case.( picture 2 IMG_1383.jpg)
It controlled my a 2 Mini SSC II (http://www.seetron.com) this allow the computer to control 16 RC servos.
16 RC servos = 16 Movements .
I made the teeth out of dental acrylic, The samething denture are made of.
Teeth and fangs are made 1st in tooth color dental acrylic and shaped.Then are placed in dental wax .
,the mold is a silicone putty is place on the teeth allow to setup overnight.
To demold the wax is melted away with boiling water leaving the teeth in the silicone putty sockets.
This is called the lost wax process.( picture 3,4,)
After I made the eyes out of dental acrylic ,Which is a molded ping pong ball is 40 mm .
In half 20 mm sandwhich in between the 2 halves is a metal small metal ball 10mm give me a ball joint and socket.
The iris is a painted metal washer. The veins are silk yarn And is cover with clear dental acrylic .
The white of the eyes was changed to black color ,To give more of a alien look. ( picture 6,7)
I molding the finished eyes alginate and casting them in ultracal 30, ( picture 8) Ultracal 30 is the hardest plaster made.
And place them in the sculpture.This will be for Proper registration for the eyes in the skull.( picture 9 )
I had to sculpt face in Roma Plastilina Clay ( picture 10)and mold it in silicone( picture 11a,11b, 11 ) This molding process called a matrix mold . A layer of water clay cover the
entire clay sculpture and Ultracal 30 is place on top of the water clay .After setup ,Its demolded and water clay removed .
This water clay has made a space for the silicone.Matrix mold
a thin layer of water clay is place ( picture 12 ) and made the core A .
This gave me the thickest for the skin .
Molded core A in silicone and a thin layer of water clay is place in this mold also this made core B.
And this gave the thickest of the Skull. Now I have 2 molds.( picture 13,14 )
Mold 1 is the Skin mold
Mold 2 is the skull mold
I casted foam rubber in mold 1 ( picture 15,)
To make the foam rubber skin
337 gms. base
67 grams foaming agent
33 grams curing agent
15 flow enhancer
24 grams gelling agent
4 grams ammonia
The room temp
73 degrees 40%
Using a Sunbeam MixMaster Mixer
1. Speed #1 - 1 minute (to blend all components)
2. Speed #10 - 3 minutes : blend all
3. Speed #3 - 4 minutes : refine
4. Speed #1 - 30 seconds :refine
5. Speed #1 - 30 seconds : ADD GELLING AGENT ( picture 16 )
6. Speed #1 - 30 seconds : Backturn the bowl
Foam rubber can be tricky.
Mold 1 was place in a Hot box oven for 11 hours at 125 degrees .= A very soft and flexable skin ( picture 15,16 )
Hot box oven 3'x 3'x 3 " plywood box with foil insulation with a single burner. This must be watched.( picture 17,18,19)
I casted urethane Plastic from smoothon.com in mold 2.
This gave me the Skull,The skull was trimed and dental acrylic teeth and eyes were place inside the skull .
The mechanics were place using R/C servos.
The skin was painted with PAX ( is a flexible paint). The skin was glue on rubber cement to the skull .And the hair was glued rubber cement also and placed.
Hair is from National Fiber Technology ,
Hair 1 was Blended Black and Brown modacrylic with White and Brown Mohair and Natural Goat hair.
And hair 2 Black with gray texturized modacrylic with Yak and Horse hair.
The PC
My motherboard (MSI KT6) and AMD 2500xp video card (MSI 6600)
The case is LIAN LI PC-V800B .
To make the lip sync move ,I used VSA , Visual Show Automation , http://www.brookshiresoftware.com
This aloud me to make a lip sync animation routine. Synchronize with graphical audio MP3 file.
Not only that My Animatronic Mod looks Wicked ,It Talks Back.
(Picture 1st floor) ( Picture 2nd floor)
I designed the animatronic so I could repair it if needed, And the support pipe
is like a swing arm so I can work on the PC too.
By removing the back of the skull.
Inside there are 2 floors the bottom floor has 6 servos :

1 Head Up + Down
2 Eyes Up + Down and left + right
2 Eyelids
1 Jaw

2nd floor 7 servos
3 right,left and center Brows
1 Nose
3 upper lip wire

And also 2 servos are in the Jaw for lower lip wire
and 1 left + right servo gimbal
= 16 servos
When uncovered ,Here is 32 feet of servo cable.(picture32 feet )
The only thing connecting to the PC and the Animatronic is a modular cable (Looks
like a phone cable).
Which is plug into a modular adapter that plug into the PC's serial port .
The end of the modular cable plug in Mini SSCII Serial Servo Controller.
you would be surprise how many people are into making monsters. Ive been
making monsters , masks and makeup fx for 30 years now.I put my 2 hobbies that I
enjoy together.Computers and making monsters.
Im a dental lab tech. for 20 years now .I make dentures for a living.

Thank You so much

Gary Willett

To see Video Demos http://www.youtube.com/willettfx
http://www.servocity.com..................For Servos
http://www.nftech.com/ ...................For Hair
http://www.smooth-on.com/ ............ Silicone,Urethane Plastic
Techniques of Three-Dimensional Makeup by Lee Baygan
Special Make-Up Effects (Paperback)
by Vincent Kehoe
Men, Makeup & Monsters: Hollywood's Masters of Illusion and FX (Paperback)
by Anthony Timpone
Stop-Motion Puppet Sculpting: A Manual of Foam Injection, Build-Up and Finishing Techniques (Paperback)
by Tom Brierton
Stop-Motion Armature Machining: A Construction Manual (Paperback)
by Tom Brierton



I will be in MaximumPC Magazine OCTOBER 2007 come out in a few day "Mod of the month" Gary

That's amazing! What are you planning on doing with it?

Since you appear to be selling "how to" DVDs, I guess you won't be writing an animatronic Instructable... ?

"Spam" is that what that spells. I'm not selling anything here . Just do a search" Willettfx My animtronoic project." I have share this entire process with everybody all over the internet for free . I made the dvd because there not one out there. For the people that have a interest in animatronic & robotic . This is my 1st animatronic I made. And there is not alot of info out there. I was writing this up to share here ,then I got your post.. If Im spamming here delete me! g

So much for subtly, but I hope you noticed I bolded the ? as well?

If you're not here purely to sell, I apologise - we've had quite a bit of spam lately, and alarm bells rang because you only joined yesterday, and your first thread is about something you have for sale. The natural, mildly-paranoid assumption is the S-word.

It is a very cool head, good luck with future projects in the same vein. It would nice if you could post an Instructable for even a basic animatronic device, say a pair of eyes that blink occasionally?

I apologise also, I do understand about spam, It sucks!

. Yeah. I flagged his post, as first written. Now it looks like he's just a hobbyist who happens to sell a few DVDs. He does seem to be giving away everything but the DVDs. I can't find an Unflag btn. :(

How do I add this to the Science Fair! group ? thanks Gary

First you must be part of that group. Go up to the top of this page (any page for that matter) and hover over "Groups". A drop-down menu should appear and the Science Fair Contest should be there. Click it. On the page it brings you to, on the left-hand side, below the Robot picture, but above the title of Science Fair!, there should be a button that says Join this Group! Then you must go to your Instructables page, and scroll down, and on the right-hand side, in the Groups box, it will say "+ Add this Instructable to one of your groups". Click that. All of the groups you are in will show up, and all you have to do is just click the one you want to be in. Great job on the animatron.

This is awesome! Was it just for the fun of it? What software are you using to control the servos? Congratulations!