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The apocalypse of Apocalypse Answered

It was time for the apocalypse of Apocalypse! Destroying it was kinda fun, it isn't every day you do a belly flop into a pile of knex ^.^


Wow! What a state :D. I see in pic 3 a cabinet, full of pieces - did Apocalypse not use all your pieces?

Haha, no, surprisingley i still had a whole lot of pieces over O.O

Except for green rods, i didn't even have one singel of those left over XD

Ouch, is a shame to see it like this :D

It has to be fun, but, however, I'd never do that to my own knex :p

"...it isn't every day you do a belly flop into a pile of knex"

Do we have photos of the bruises and puncture wounds?

Ach, man, you seriously did a belly flop into your K'NEX? I would never have done that, for fear of ruining some of my K'NEX. XD

Yeah ^.^

But I have enough knex, even if a few pieces are broken, it won't really make a difference, lol

Wow, that is very... ah.... interesting. I bet it was fun, so long as it lasted.

I am sure you do, no kidding. =D

No kidding, that is exactley what i did ;)

Haha, have fun sorting all that (I'm wondering if any of the pieces broke). :-P

Well, i already stumbled upon one but i'm not sure if it broke due to that because i built in a piece that is exactly modified as that one, lol