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The best slingshot trigger Answered

 I'm working on a slingshot gun but icant make a trigger for it could someone please leave a link for a good slingshot trigger 
its an 3 layer barrel
(3 orange connectors)




Being new to k'nex but a hardened slingshot user, I'm not quite sure why you need a trigger.

So you don't have to hold the round back and shoot it any time.

Oh and the tremendous force will hurt your hands if you don't have a trigger.

Depends on barrel length.  The longer the barrel, the farther it goes.

.............why you need a trigger??? pretty dumb to ask

Also seems pretty dumb to have a trigger on your average slingshot.

Try the trigger <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/FX-9-Crossbow-V25/">here.</a>