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The cake is a lie! Answered

If you mouse over the Contests tab the featured contest is the Cake Decorating Challenge. If you click the image it just takes you to a error 400 page. 


Ha! Apt quote.

Yes, there was a minor glitch when that contest got published. Should be all up and working now!! I hope it just made you more eager for cake!

I thought this meme had died...


Memes never die, unfortunately :-( I think that's a corollary to "It's always September on the Internet."

I see what you did there.

Same thing on Safari 5.1.5 on Mac OS X Version 10.7.3

Also confirmed on Firefox 12.0 on Windows 7 64bit (Desktop PC)
This also brings up another thing...
Searching through Contests... there is not an easy way to search through open and old contests... You can't separate them by topic, like you can do if looking for an 'ible... Nor can you easily find a specific contest, unless you search it through the site search....

Confirmed on FF12.0, Wind XP Home.

(It's the weekend, though, so don't expect a fix until Monday)