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The combination of the lock on the flap of my briefcase is lost. Can reach the back. How do I open it? Answered


I used to work for a luggae store and do the repairs of many suticases, briefcases..I was taught how to pick a briefcase lock in my training. you will need a medium sized paper clip, thats it.. ill tell you how to do it..

1- take paper clip open in fully up
2- take one end of it and lay it ontop of an anvil or something very hard or a steel sheet (must be a flat surface no grroves or hashes).
3- take a hammer and flaten out the paper clips end very thin
4- Now that is thin take your briefecase
4- stand it up straight so the dials are facing you
6- take the paperclip and stick it on the right side of the dial
7- Now run the paper clip from top to bottom very slowly, you will feel a gap when running it over the dial number.
8- when you feel that gap stop on that number and then go to the next one and do the same thing. then stop on that number.
9- go to the last number now and feel for tha gap.
10- that is your combo number set for the lock

Once you have it set the case should open, once opend you can then go the lock mechansim and reset the combo, based upon the briefecase manufacturer thier are severla ways to rest the combo. you would need to call the manufacturer of the case or call the store were you purchsed it from they can tel you how to reset it. good luck..

humm. wonder if i should do a video of this? what do you all think..?


I was lazy and used folded corners of paper to feel out the groves next to the rings and line them up.


2 years ago

It worked. Thanks for the hack. My son's briefcase got reset at school for him!

You could try knocking out the pins to the hinge... or taking apart the hinge in another way...

i have to say that knonking out the pins wont possibly help because of the way the lock is set up all knocking the pins would do would be to ruin a perfectly good breifcasego with halo2.0 he's right i has a similar problem with mine turns out the combo was the same # as one very importand emergency # 911 duh

There are 9999 different combinations of a 4 digit combo lock, my best advice would be first to try the easy numbers E.g 0000 1111 2222 3333 etc or memorable years There is a way to pick them but I cannot remember how

so are you trying to get the combintaion lock undone?? if it's a combintaion lock with just numbers (IE 6923) and not a school locker sytle lock (IE 24-38-11) then just start at zero, try the lock, go to 0001 try lock, 0002 try lock, etc etc. it doesn't take a horribly long time.

it doesn't take that long and well would you rather take 15 - 20 mins or just throw out a lock?


9 years ago

Start with 0-0-0, 0-0-1, 0-0-2, and so on. It goes quick. I just got one from a friend who had lost the combo as well. Turns out the left side is different than the right. Who knew? "I am sorry Dave, I can not do that."

Last time this happened to me I had to bend the metal around the lock and force the lock out, Managed to bang everything back in place after but nothing like what it was before.