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The drummer i want's parents are strict and untrusting.. Help? Answered

i have a band, EverythingStoodStill (www.everythingstoodstill.webs.com) and i recently assembled the entire band, except a drummer. I've tried craigslist, musicians in your city and other sites and cant find one. I have one kid in my school who said he would like to drum, but his parents wont let him take his drum kit anywhere. How can i make it so he can drum for us and play for us at shows?


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Buying another set of drums, or offering to pay the parents to have the drums insured, are certainly reasonable solutions. Or build one of the "found object" drum kits, which if you spend enough time looking for the right kinds of buckets and such can actually sound pretty decent.

That's assuming you understand their concern correctly. It could be they just don't trust your band in particular, or aren't comfortable with him performing at all right now, or are trying to limit how much time music takes away from his studies. So before you actually spend money, I would ask the parents whether this will address their concern, or if there are other issues -- and if so, what he and you would have to do before they give their approval.

The answer may turn out to be that he simply isn't going to get permission any time soon. In which case, you're back to looking for another drummer. Or convincing someone already in the band to take up drums. Or developing a style which doesn't require drums. Or playing with a drum machine -- if you've already got someone playing synth, making percussion their responsibility isn't wholly unreasonable.

Found stuff can sound really interesting. Maybe his music director can suggest some good found stuff.
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Did run the found object bit past the resident x-drummer. Word has it that a wide range of mallets is the key to great found sounds.

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Before you buy another set, ask his parents if they will even let him play then. It might be their way of saying no without actually saying "We don't want you in a band."

How can i make it so he can drum for us and play for us at shows?

Hmm...The only way I can see is getting another drumset. Whether acoustic or synth drums, if your question is

How can i make it so he can drum for us and play for us at shows?

then you'll have to find another set of drums.

If he can't play them what's the point in having a drum kit. Haven't his parents heard of insurance or is this just an excuse to prevent him joining your - or any - band.

If he's good enough, can't you invest in a "band" set of drums?

That way, you can have the drummer and avoid upsetting the mother.