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The future of Computer Interface ? Answered

Although this is a little dated already (Feb. 2010),  I thought this was rather interesting in how it took the IBM "table" computer,  and freed it from the confines of the table, as it were.

Here, at this link, is the video showing this interface,

ce / OS being demonstrated. 


I've got flash, but no speakers... God I'm slow.

Haha!, Same here, college computers has no speakers.. :(

I'll either have to make a pair or buy some earphones.

I have loads of cheap speakers, Im just not allowed to use them at college, lol

I know! :( Although, you are allowed to use headphones.

I've got the port, and a garage sale shouldn't be too far away!

The guy that spoke talked very excellently! I enjoyed watching that indeed.

I think enthused is an understatement for this case. He almost seemed mad with excitement.

Well, it is another step towards some of the things I've seen on Eureka ! in the computer world that seem something TO get excited about :-)

And an impressive one at that, and on top of that all, although you could tell they re-hearsed, the system obviously works well and they had no hiccups, and I'm sure he could have done more on-screen than he had time to show the audience. The thing I noticed as the 6-8 large cameras on tripods.

Mind you... that's for a reason, just like sure they could down-size it to two stereo cameras and have the computer work out the "logistics", it's like how BOSE promotes their speakers, how you only need two for surround sound.. but in reality a real surround sound with 7-11 speakers actually sounds better, as it is TRUE multidirectional sound.

hi peoples

That does look good - I can see this building easily into real systems simply by adding webcams to at least two corners of a monitor. I expect to see people creating their own versions as well, with two ordinary cams balanced on top of their monitor, IR LEDs illuminating the work space, and gloves with reflective tape on the fingertips.

Looks awesome, cant wait for this to become a reality

But they need to make it availabe for macs
and they need to get UI designers onboard, this will never work if it looks like it has been designed by an engineer

Seconded! Though I think it will be up to Steve Jobs to decide if he wants to use this in macs. From what I know of him, he'll invent his own interface.

That was brilliant :D Thanks