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The geek daily Scheduel. <--- i hope i spelt that right, otherwise i'de be a geek castaway. Answered

What Geeks do every day.

7:00 AM= Wake up and brush teeth, then polish braces. (LOL)
8:00 AM= After hour long brace polishing we eat a healthy fiber filled breakfast.
8:30 AM= Leave for school. We like to be early.
12:00PM= Talk to friends about Conquer.
3:00 PM= After school, run away from bullies, all the way home.
3:45 PM= At home, play Conquer.
3:46 PM= Live Conquer.
4:00 PM= Start doing homework.
7:00 PM= Finish homework and study
8:00 PM= Eat dinner then sleep instantly.
Repeat every day, any day.




10 years ago

What about us geeks who aren't in school anymore?

After they finish school they become multi millionaires. The Uber Geek=Bill Gates.

Well, sure, but we still have a schedule, you know! Here's mine. It's a little screwed up. 0700 Wake up. Wake Children. Fix lunches, if required. 0740 check email, stock prices. 0750 Drive kids to school. (Our school must start earlier than yours.) 0815 VPN to work. Read eMail, respond to hot issues. Start compiles, if needed. 1000 Nap time! 1300 Wake up, shower, drive to work (Tu.W.Th), lunch. 1400 work , work, work... 1830 drive home. 1900 Cook/eat dinner, check kids homework, "family time." 2100 Start kids bedtime. Read "bedtime stories", if appropriate. 2230 kids in bed except teenager. "get off the internet and finish your homework!" Check work status, recreational computing (piclist, instructables, Arduino forums, etc, etc.) Occasional actual building of things. 0200 bedtime; read. 0300 lights out. Toss&Turn for a while...

Wow you sure do go to sleep pretty late.

i leave for my bus at 7:00 lucky! kind of a short work day. 2:00 - 6:30. only 4 1/2 hours, what do you do for a living?

You missed the two hours of telecommuting in the mornings and 3 hours at night, which I gave somewhat diminutive labels...

Oh. I'm a software engineer, so the line between "recreational computing" and "work" is especially blurry.


you were serious about the Conquer thing! i thought i was a joke lol.