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The largest man made island on the planet Answered

This is really crazy!
The city called Dubai has built the world's largest island - the island is called Palm Deira... Dubai has built two other large islands which has a similar design, the island are called Palm Jumeirah, and the other one is called Palm Jebel Ali.

The island was built in a palm tree shape because Dubai wants to give more beach space to the Dubai's residents.
The island is made from mainly rubble and sand.

Dubai has also built two more islands, one looks like the world which is called "The World", I don't know what the other island is called...

it is really amazing what they had built...

You can find more information here.


I've seen a tv show about all of these. Thanks for the uptated pictures though, because in the show they were just dots for the countries

I will buy Dubai and make an island that looks like the Instructables Robot. We will have picnics there.

That would be very nice to have a Instructables Robot island, but errm, Dubai is a very VERY expensive city...

It's really cool that they can do things like make such huge islands.