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The lock on the drivers side door of my '94 Plymouth Voyager broke and the door now won't close. Answered

I need help on figuring out how to fix lock myself, or preferably closing it semi perm.
Sadly Bungees don't work.


I think RedneckEngineer has the right idea here, but I was having a little trouble picturing it so I decided to go outside and play with the latch on a door on my car, which is not of the same model, or make, but you know, this was just sort of in the vain hope that many of these latches might be similar. 

I found that I could flip this latch into an errant CLOSED state, so that it would go *bonk* *bonk* *bonk*, and keep the door from latching.  Also I found that getting it unstuck from this state required lifting up on the door handle simultaneously with moving the latch mechanism back into place.  I think the act of lifting up the door handle, and also having it be unlocked, may be important to making this trick work.  Some pictures of the latch are attached.


Thanks for the pictures.  I had hoped what I was trying to say was clear enough, but the pictures help much better than what I could discribe.  Took longer to type it out than it would to actually do.

spray some wd40 in the keyhole and let it work for few hours. than do what RedneckEngineer said


8 years ago

 Thanks all!
I'm sick right now but will take pictures and post soon. Hopefully tomorrow.

NO would not weld shut
(duct tape maybe- LOL)
I have oiled- fiddled with the mechanism- did the screwdriver thingy etc.
I think I will have to replace- just hoping I can do it myself.
And its cheap of course.
will research.
Thanks again.

Duct tape IS the redneck's welder!

REpariing it yourself is not an option unless it just needs oil.  You must replace the lock mech. with a working mech.  It's your safety in a crash.  Keeping the door closed in a crash is not just to hold you in, it's part of the structure in a front crash.  If the door pops open then the car is going to collapse more.

If you "weld" the door shut you won't be able to use in in am emergency.  A new lock mech should not be expensive.

Without seeing it's hard to know what is the problem or it's cause.  One thing to check is the latch in the frame in some cars (sometimes in the door sometimes the door frame) will sometimes flip down into the locked or closed position.  I've had that happen on a old car I had and it's a easy fix if that is the problem.  Open the other sides door and compare what it looks like. Make sure the door is unlocked if its on the door.  If it is on the door frame don't worry about it.  Then take a screwdriver and insert it where the pin/bolt/round metal part that the "hook" from the lock goes over and pull up on the hook.  It should rotate up to the open position and you will see the hook.  Once it has rotated up the door should function normally.  If it keeps doing this you may need to replace the lock mechanism but I've never had to do that because of this trick.

Do you know of any scrap-yards near you where you might get another?
You might think about a hasp and po-rivets, or going to a dealer and buying genuine parts, but without knowing what's actually broken we're a bit stuck