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The motor on an old elec. mower is gonzo. I'm tempted to fit a 115V washer-motor on it . Any 2nd thoughts? Answered



The electric mower motor is DC. The washer motor is AC 115V. I'll find a 2, or hopefully a 3-speed AC appliance motor somewhere, bolt it in and see if it 'flies'. Stay tuned, and thanks! Jim in MA

I doubt that it would last thru one mowing. I'd think that the motor that is on it has sealed bearings etc. And that the washer motor doesn't. That means that all the sand and moisture in the grass is going to get into the motor and ruin it. The washer motor is probably open framed and not meant to be used in that fashion. But I may be wrong.

Thanks, RD: The current motor is inside a housing with a small foam-filtered air vent for cooling. I felt that a 1/2 hp 2, or 3 -speed washer motor might do the trick. After all, they're way down there underneath the machine with water dripping on them and scuzzy stuff getting in there and they run for decades. The motor in there is DC with a rectifier to convert it from AC. I also have a B&D mower which is DC also. There must be a reason why they design 'em like that. Weight, maybe? Easier to push? The motor is small & light.

Wow, that's interesting. I've use at least half a dozen "borrowed" wm motors and have NEVER had one that is dc. Nice find.

And good luck with the conversion.  I've never used an electric mower and you have one there so you might have good luck.