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The new interface just made this website much worse. Answered

What is it these days, it's like a competition that big websites want to change their visual design just for the sake of change even though the previous design was extremely clear and functional, and recently more often than not, the new design is a downgrade. Why fix something that wasn't broken? Now everything is less intuitive, you can't find anything, you have to do a lot more scrolling, and having to look at that makes your eyes sore sooner, you just want to quit. I get it that you're all obsessed with trying to make everything look like mobile phone UIs but it's a terrible idea: we're not all that obsessed with phones, plenty of us still prefer a proper computer because its large display allows us to see more things at the same time so there's no need to scroll to and fro and you can make connections between a lot of things simultaneously.Having to scroll through a lot of material because you can only see very little at a time is extremely counterproductive when you're trying to grasp the holistic picture of something, work on something that requires working memory. Using a phone UI on proper computer displays is an absolute nightmare and makes you want to not use websites that waste your time with the hide and seek game and sense-irritating visuals. It helps a little bit if I downsize the font of the entire page by several notches but because everything gets smaller, the texts that were small to begin with, will get too small, and that still doesn't fix the unintuitive randomness of how the page is composed now.

I'd really appreciate it if users could at least choose which "skin" or UI to use for the site so it would be accessible to everyone.



5 months ago

Agree this now my top worst sight. Change back so we can see.

Yes exactly. And I think this site should be made more for tablet and computer users than phone users. I would guess the majority of people that actually make stuff use a tablet or computer, so why did they update the site to be better for phone users??
I think the only way a site should update is if
1. There are major bugs with the old system.
2. Many people really want an update.
3. It looks really funky.
None of these were the case with the old ibles, so why an update???
The forums are so messy that I hardly use them. Everything is piled on top of each other, and it makes the forums HORRIBLE.

I fully and wholeheartedly agree. Please fix this problem Instructables!

Completely agree, the site is far better when viewing on a phone but 90% of the time I am on my laptop and it is just painful! The images are far to large and why you can resize the whole page, the text becomes too small. Please revert or have a phone specific site.

I agree, I use to be able to download a file as a PDF so I could print it to make the item and now I have no idea how to download the file as a PDF and the one time I managed to download a file it saved as a CDR, which is Corel Draw only! I'm not paying for a completely new software software program to save a file II thought I was paying a yearly fee to have access to. :( If anyone can explain how to download a file as PDF please share!

Hi Laurie,

When you're on a project page, begin to scroll down and a bar will appear at the top of the page with additional options including the download PDF button. Hope that helps! :)

You need to scroll down. Once you do, it shows up at the top of the screen. Not intuitive, but it works.

I cant even figure out how to favorite anymore.

+1 for the skins. The more I use it, the less I like it. I feel like magnification is as 120% or something.

We're been through lots and lots of these changes on this site over the years. Managements strategy is to shut up, ignore it, and if they leave it long enough, the complaints go away.

Just watch.