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The new solution for airport security troubles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Answered

so i saw this ad on ibles and guess what?
it's what i was talking about in my other forum about airport security!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you can get pre-screened to pass through the hassle we know as airport security!!!!!!!!
no more long lines!!!!!!!!
this very extremely wonderful thing



9 years ago

planes still suck

And now as I post this comment,I am waiting for FSX to load ;)

I don't know if you quite understand how it works. You pay to be a member, and in exchange, they will do a background check, take your fingerprints and do a retina scan. This gives you the privileged of taking a separate security line at the airports, but a security line nonetheless. Everyone still goes through the metal detector, and your bags still pass through the x-ray machine.

Did you not read what I said? The only difference is you go through a different line. You still get the exact same amount of security scrutiny.

the most imporant scans are still done. but if the line is shorter it means that some other checks are skipped does bios check justify skipping other checks ? if yes than they are not required and not needed in any of the lines

No. The line is shorter because less people have access to it. You are submitted to the same checks, and often you go through the same station as everyone else, but get to skip in line.

So the fingerprints and retina scan are just to make sure you are who you say you are. They are significantly harder to forge than a card.

if they are realy needed - why not all do them if they are not - why should anyone do them

Have you not listened to anything I said?

They go through all the security percautions that everyone else does.

The pilot of an airplane gets checked, too, but he gets to go through a different line. That makes it faster. Clear members get to go through a different line, too.

so clean line is just an inappropriate name to something that shoud be called fast line

It's called Clear because of all the additional screening that is done during the application process.

ahh. so if you pay to have people nose into your past, you can cut lines?

sounds like an honor i can pass on, especially with my fear of flying

And the annual fee is pretty substantial for anyone to pay who doesn't fly regularly.

If you guys keep replying to each other, what happens when you hit the minimum column width?

The minimum width is very thin. People have tried to reach it before.

they get paid for it so why not ? and who really needs your background if you pas thru all the same checks anyway ? and you can become a terrorist in less than a year if you wish

if you did not bring a bomb to the application you are less likely to be a terrorist

they do? from what ive seen, the pilot shows his id card to the guard who then opens a gate and lets the pilot through.

Everybody has to go through security. I once went through the staff line, and before my bags, they had cases of coin rolls going through the x-ray machine.

Definitely. My dad travels for frequently work, and our airport had the clear system, so he's enrolled. It allows him to bypass the lines entirely, although it gets him plenty of nasty looks from people who have been waiting for an hour and a half.

One story includes a time when the security unclipped the rope, and just put him at the front of the line. The lady who he got in front of was pretty mad, "Why does he get to skip right to the front?" and the security person gave the worst possible response, "He pays for that privilege." .

but it's true! he paid for it! if they're not willing to work hard enough to pay for it, what gives them the right to be angry? it's only unfair when it's because of who they are or something...

But when you've been waiting in line for hours, and someone else just waltzes up in front of you, "he paid for it" is not what you want to hear.

i don't care if it's just one person...
now if it's a whole group of people, then you' ve got a problem.