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The new theme Answered

I have noticed lately that people are using Muppet avatars... So here is a random question: Is the new theme Muppets or something? (Also, check out my new Swedish chef avatar) Update: Muppet Style is gone D-;


Dude... are you schizo? You should see a doctor if you keep seeing muppets everywhere...

DGM, you should really see a doctor....

I got to ask you a question which could determin how long you live: Are you the chicken or the girl in your avatar?

You questioning is she the chicken or the girl in the avatar will determine how long you will live...

When are you going to hit him? Will it be a punch or a kick? Oh I get it, keep him guessing, lure him into a false sense of security then BAM! A slap in the face.

A swift, righteous left uppercut to the jaw should do the trick.

Your mind will be on other matters presently. Such as the severely damaged state of your body.

The dark side, you must resist. Breeding hatred, violence does.
Yoda steps down off the his soap box now

What? I thought the swedish chef was supirior to chickens!

I have....I still have nightmares about it....All I wanted was to hold the egg.....Mommy! The chickens are baack! AHHH!!!!

Nope, And i hever really plan too. (I cheat and buy them at the store)

If you remember, the chickens had a regular hey-day with the ole Svedish Shiff (Swedish Chef).

I got to ask you a question which could "determin" how long you live:

Are you the chicken or the guy in your avatar?

Of course I'm the girl, dingbat! Have you never heard of Gina the vet?! She used to work at Hooper's store.

BUT, theres nothing wrong with chickens even if adrain thinks so ;(

Call me Adrian. Eh, whatever. That's the avatar non-chick magnets use to try and make themselves feel better.

The truth hurts. ;) You ever eat chicken? I feel it's only honest to see the not-so-pretty side of my meal.

In my youth, I raised 2 chickens, but without a rooster, we would get no eggs, so I learned fairly young about "butchering".

that make me a canibal I love city chicken it contains no chicken, just pork and veal

Like the roadside diners with Good Eats in the window? When you see it, you just know it can't be true...

But LOOK ! all the truckers eat there.....it MUST be a great place to eat (since truckers are such gourmets ;-)

Yeah....you know...that time, that girl...at that place....she did that thing....with that other thing.....everybody was there....and then she said that thing.....and everybody did that other thing......that time....You remember....good times, good times......

Not really sure what you're talking about. Nice knife!

That's a Cleaver (but not the Beaver).... LOL

Its not easy starting fads. You just have to be in the right place at the right time usually, its the chatroom oh, awesomeness is a requirement

Ahhhh man! This style is now gone!

But we still have our memories of the joyous muppety interlude.

There, there! Next time, you choose the theme and start contacting people you know to make it happen :-)

<humor warning> If it would make you feel better, we could launch a new ID vs. NS argument and wait for Kiteman to join in :-)

I don't know why, but I've suddenly gotten this urge to re-read my Dawkins...


Sorry, still haven't done my christmas shopping, and there is a foot of snow on the ground so i better hurry

Good luck with the shopping! I'd hate to be doing that in snow :-( Happy holidays!

It snowed a foot yesterday, and now its sunny. Very unusual weather for seattle...

There are some things in life you don't question. Just go with the flow and have fun. I don't know. :(

But I wanna know when my goldfish is coming back from summer camp! It's already winter! He must be cold!

Hmmmm, you may have some issues here and there. But hush, are you finished with the tartar sauce yet, then please pass it along...