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The power of C.A.D. Answered

This is what happens when I get my hands on C.A.D!!!! And this is a pic of the RC plane I am in the works of designing. I dont have the ratios to make everything the proper size so I had to estimate. I plan on having it done by the end of my school year in September.



hello,can u gals and guys help me with making wing ribs.i did a template for my 1/3 scale Sopwith Pup and i'm building a cnc machine but i'm computer stupid.any and all help is appreciated.ty ty

What's the name of the cartoon you have as your avy? I was watching that the other night, it's pretty trippy.

gir is so cool. i laughed so hard in the mysterious mysteries episode with the squirrel.

Revised version comeing soon. It will fly now because i got the ratios figured out.

maybe. i have an old plane that i can use for scrapes. why?

it just looks like you are very interested it so i was just asking. Oh and I hope to build/test it by the end of winter.

I'm going to finish my blimp/dirigible

heres a cut diagram of a planes wing hope it helps


I have been interested in RC planes (cars, boats, etc) for awhile, but mainly for the RC part. I am more into the electronics than construction of any kind sadly (you should see some of the "boxes" I housed home-made meters and such in LOL). So, I don't really know much about aerodynamics or anything...now, if we are going to discuss RC frequency and manner of propagation, then you are more in my ballpark.

that i am not to good at. (the stuff in your ball park)

Well, I should say "was" in my ball park (anyone around that still remembers when frequencies were measured in "cycles n kilocycles" and then dropped away from it for a long time, understands what I mean). Can I say "morse code"? (just barely LOL)

I thought people would look at this

I have been working on this for about 10 hours and I think it is looking good.

if everything goes as planed i should have what i need to continue my work! :)