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The "N-Word". The bad one! Answered

Ok, I hear lots of name calling out there. Sometimes I even hear the N-Word. Not just one N-Word but multiple N-Words. So clue me in. Which is worse, a "noob", a "nerd", a "ninny" or a "numpty"? I just need to know how serious the name calling is. So give me the offensiveness levels of the previously mentioned N-Words on a scale from one to ten (with ten as the most offensive).


None of the n words you mentioned are the worst. The worst word that starts with an n is Ni****. it is a racist word against blacks.

its the worst because its racist. You can lose noob status. You can lose ninny status. You can lose nerd stats. numpty is just a brit thing. you cant change your race though.

He went from a black man (very cool) to a white woman (not cool)..

Yes, because black men have the right to say /\/1663/3 to each other. Isn't that right? I bet that, on certain forums, in the sign-up process it asks that you specify your race and if you are white, it sensors the 'N-word' when you use it, but if you are black it doesn't. Would anybody like to challenge that?

I'm sorry; just some ill-timed/placed randomness.

No, it is the worst. It's bad enough to be censored, none of the rest of these are.

I'm just saying that "it's the worst" is an opinion. :\

Well, yes. But looking at it according to definitions, this word has the definition that is most likely to offend. :)

Ninja? I thought that was Asians. Oh well, now I know!

Noob - 8 Nerd - Compliment. Technically, I'm a geek. Geeks are basically lazy nerds. Ninny - -8 for them actually using the word. What is this the 18th century? Numpty - I've got to start using that one! No one will know what I'm talking about. That reminds me. I need to start using older terms. I've tried to bring back a couple of terms and phrases. You know, like mayhap, post-haste, perchance...

Personally, I would be more inclined to define a 'geek' as a nerd that has some popularity. For instance, I would consider myself a geek rather than a nerd because of the fact that I do not play 'World of Warcraft', do not play any other computer game regularly, and belong to multiple social groups other than the pariahs that take no more than computer education classes. I would consider myself a geek because, rather than using my knowledge to solve world hunger, I use it to make money quickly and efficiently and then use the resulting money to make more until I am financially secure, then I use a small percentage of that money to buy a 'toy' such as an Arduino micro-controller. I gain some nerd points since I am willing to learn 'C' in order to program said micro-controller, but I regain geek-status because I use the micro-controller to build robots that interface with one-another to create a hive-mind that is bent on mass destruction, and said destruction is _very_ counter-productive to society. =)

Luckily, I have never gotten the chance to build this, since my first Arduino came in the mail three days ago. I need power IGBTs or MOSFETs...

lol, i said the same thing about nerds, before i read yours! lol

Awe, the dickens! (which means, "this interests me" or "thats really kool"

I use post-haste and perchance. I'll try to help you bring back mayhap.

Personally, I'd give none of those higher than a four.


Context can drive them up, as can formatting.

Ok, if it only makes it to a 4, I vow to call at least one skunkchild a "numpty" over the holidays.

I did it! I called skunkpunk a numpty. He was "faking dumb" to get out of work!

. Sheesh! Only a Hillbilly would be proud of that accomplishment. ... Or Oil Field Trash. Way to go, Dad!! I'll have to see if I can't slip that one in on NachoDaughter.

As a culturally enlightened hillbilly, I'm always on the lookout for new and creative ways to insult my progeny.

Same for teachers - a good insult is one they don't notice (or they go home and complain to mummy about the nasty teacher...)

The best insults run in stealth mode. They hit their target, sit and stew for a while and then a couple of days later, BOOM!: "Hey! He meant that in a BAD way!"

. Not an insult, but one of my favorites is telling ppl I graduated in the upper 95% of my high school class. A lot of ppl never do get it.

numpty? ninny, meh nerd. badge of honor noob, only ever used by people with the emotionally maturity of 4 year olds.

ah it bring back many memorys from my gaming days, people yelling 'you noob!' then i would hit them all with the headshots then they would be like 'YOU NOOB!'

N00b mostly brings back memories of the IGN boards for me. Everyone that started in 2000 was basically a complete jerk to anyone 2001 and up - no matter that it might have been 2004 and the other people had been posting for three years. ;) Ah, internet elitism. I love it!

haha, yeah, the internet, so diverse, but still so young. I remeber when the internet began, back in the day - about the same time as when doom came out...

im probably #1 on halo out of all instructables users. I have hosted games for members only, and i win every time. a lot of times though, some dude who does not go to ibles comes in and pwns everyone (including me)

haha - your wrong there, in my halo prime i was one of the best, me and my friend would win every game, there was no stopping us. simple as. I claim the #1 title halo instructable user.

wanna play me? common, play me!

btw, i havent reached my prime yet, so my normal play not be as good as my best.

Thats ok, cos i havnt played as much recently, i guess i would say im on the other side of my prime.

Im starting to win every game I played too.... why, only today, I won in slayer by an 11-point lead, and then I caught the blue team's flag all 3 times in ctf....

Thas it!! A duel to the death between DJ and gmjhowe!!

Jake wins, DJ shuts up and quits blogging, DJ wins, erm...

err, we havent dueled yet. there is no winner.

yet when i challenged you you mysteriously cant play with other people...

Its because im on version 1.01, you will be on the upgrade...

so you claim the #1 title of the really outdated halo instructables user

no, because its still the same game, just different servers, i kept it like that cos it was mostly mac users.