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The site you haven't visited yet (but probably should have) Answered

Okay, maybe you have visited before.  But it's still worth going back.  

Check out AfriGadget : http://www.afrigadget.com/

They bill themselves as "solving everyday problems with African ingenuity".  If necessity is the mother of invention, it's original home is Africa.  For the rest of us in the world who are far from Africa, they may be encountering problems we've never considered, and are solving them with limited tools and materials in very unique ways. 

For example, go check out Richard's "Lion Lights".  There's a problem you won't encounter in Wisconsin (in my case), but the creativity is undeniable.  I've bookmarked it.



6 years ago

Wow, wonderful site. I saw so many examples of African ingenuity when I travelled across the continent in 2000. For example, well buckets sewn from old truck tubes. They're rubber, so they don't damage the walls of the well as they're being pulled up.

Thanks for posting!


6 years ago

That site is absolutely fantastic! I'm already up too late, and this is only going to make it worse!

I especially like the food and reuse sections. :D