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The ultimate knex gun Answered

This is a competition for the ultimate knex gun, with a difference - you vote for the best parts of any knex gun on the site, and i mod them a bit and put them together! voting ends december 31st and i will post a picture on january 1st! Class 1:handle Class 2:stock Class 3:barrel Class 4:Hand grip Class 5: sight Happy voting! :D


the best weapon would be a semi auto gun that has the same amount of power as the dd-27.

right now, the most powerful semi-auto is oodalumps's semi rifle, but it doesnt have a realistic trigger (its on the side of the gun)

just putting out a suggestion. (DSman195276...Oddalumps...)

stock for dsman's crossbow

Okely dokely. 1: Popmasters glock 2: Ironman69's new sniper 3: DD-27 4: Scar 11.01 5: Sr-v1

You sir, have won a cookie. That is actually a good combo. I mean basically what we're doing is making a super improved DD-27.

Yeah. M magazine would be nice too though. Cookie? Does it have smarties in it?

It's a magic cookie-it has whatever you want in it. I can't really say what would be in mine if I got one *smirks* ...right so yeah a magazine would be an awesome addition to the DD-27. I wanted to try it but it's one of those ideas where I really don't want to do it just because I know it will end up exploding in my face.

D-: I know what you mean. I might give it ago, but I am making a rifle of my own as well as a full auto, so it might take a long time.

1: SCAR 11.01 Handle 2: STORM 220 Stock 3: STORM 223 Barrel 4: STORM 220 Grip 5: STORM 221 sight 6: extreme builders 12 shot gun Magazine

there wont be a majority, there are too many guns to choose from this plan is epic fail, you need to limit the selection to parts from your guns

it is not an epic fail, i know what i am doing, please stop spamming

well, just make people vote on elements from your guns. unless u have a better plan, which i am sure u do..........

wtf? change it to November 1

december 31 is a long way away. pretty much every knexer will have voted by november

won't work. most pieces are not compatible IE, they won't connect right. anyway just add a sight and stock to the DD-27 as it already has the other things.

by the time you make them work they would be nothing like the original.

Class 1:scar 11.01 handle Class 2:mepain's sniper stock Class 3:SR-v2 barrel Class 4:redrum0777's mp5 grip Class 5:fresh94' new sight mag froms mepain's new-ish pistol on KI the noob tube on your newest knex gun outer barrel of burrito masters sniper LOTS OF RUBBERBANDS!!!!!

the grenade launcher on one of your new guns theyre called noob tubes on cod4

you forgot mag and trigger


9 years ago

Class 1: Perfect Duck's comfortable and sturdy pistol grip.

I don't see too much of a point to this. I'd have to say though for handle I honestly think my TDS's handle is one of the greatest. That is if you are going for a handle loading design ( a small gun would be better anywho) but it is still pretty good even for non handle loading designs. I honestly don't have any thoughts for the others.

1 element from each storm oh, sight is from storm 221

okay! good first vote, i just remembered i need to put up a closing date :P

handle-handle from mepain's sniper

stock- stock from SR-v1

barrel-a shorter version of the one from mepain's sniper

hand grip- the one from the Storm 220

but seriously-take a few elements from your other guns, and combine them

my favorite combo
mag- storm 220

stock- storm 222

barrel- storm 223 as long as the grenade launcher comes with it

inner barrel- storm 221