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TheAwesomestDude Answered

This account will no longer be active, but will be preserved for those who wish to build my creations.



4 years ago

I didn't write any of this, I am so sorry to hear that someone did. My iPad was stollen or lost 3 days ago and it was unlocked at the time. I will be having an additional talk to the authorities about this matter. I hope you will disregard all of this, and hope that everything is resolved about this matter. I only ever knew theawesomestdude as an online profile. I am so sorry to hear about this.

Yeah, I thought it was cool to see how many people cared about me though. Although, you should probably put a passcode on your iPad.

I believe you, that's such an odd/twisted thing to do though..

please read the above comment

Oh? Why?

Elaborate. I'm 21. I'm in college taking classes to become a computer scientist. One class of which is to design my own original project, that being a website built around a game of using QR codes to tag your friends which requires hours of outside of class work. I worked about 23 hours a week in between classes. I have a family, friends, and girlfriend that I also spend a lot of time with. Finally, I also play video games in my free time. Between all of that, I still find some time to build. At the least, you can keep your account open. Usually these kinds of moves look like a grab for attention than an actual PSA of any practical sort. Do you care to explain what exactly is making you think you should close your account?

I no longer have anytime to support this hobby of mine. But I never wanted to close it, I just wont be around much.

That's fine. Being busy happens to us all, I'm not sure it really needed a forum topic...?

Well this is.... surprising.... I understand that stuff happens but seriously man why? Just not into it anymore or just trying to grow up? (says the twenty year old guy with a degree in engineering lol). Because whatever it is I hope isn't steering you away from a great hobby and community.

Ahh... well stay building when you can man! Its easier to find time to chat on this website than it is to build a gun out of knex. Good luck!

I got something I have been saving for a while, might get a pic or two soon, mabye a week or two.

That's very sad to hear :( Please wish him good luck of me.


4 years ago

please remove this and see the above comment, i am sorry that someone misled you all

Why would someone impersonate you and say that someone had cancer? To be nasty, I guess. Did you recover your iPad?

Good grief.

Pass on my best wishes will you? And tell him, when he can, to keep us updated.

>Thumbs up<

I am so sor that someone misled you

ouch, tell him to stay strong!

I am so sorry that someone misled you

(I've sent you a PM.)