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TheDunkis's M4 Carbine Answered

Ok well I really wanted to make my own to show my friends and even my dad for self satisfaction but I decided seeing that we don't have an M4 that both looks good and works great that I'd show you guys too. Uh let's see I'll just make my pros and cons list for a basic run down of my gun then I'll explain in better detail below that. Pros -30 white rod rounds med-cap magazine may become detacheable with simple mods (it's set up to be I just fixed in there for more support) -Cocking handle set up on firing pin to reset the pin then slide back automatically so pin is not in your way -4 sided rail system can have many features attached to it -true trigger Cons -Stock is only decently strong as I'm working on making it adjustable -Trigger guard area may be small for bigger hands but easily modable (it's a little tight for me and I have very small hands :( ) -Back sight need's to be secured in it's position while front sight may spin out of place. I'm working on this -Hard to muzzle load anything other that a grey rod and this still requires a tad bit of work -Near mid magazine it might jam if you fill it with ammo to that point -Uh I can't remember anything else but I'll be sure to list any more that I find. OK for details It uses another curved magazine (yes I like curved magazines) although it only uses joints and no bendies. 30 rounds like I said although if you fill it up to a certain point you may potentially jam it unless you watch carefully. It has the potential to become detacheable on how I made it but for now I just added a couple pieces to make sure it wont just fall out or wabble. It uses a basic but strong firing pin with a cocking handle system that is rigged to pull back the firing pin but then slide back into position so that you may rest your cheek to aim without the firing pin in your way. It uses a basic true trigger mechanism that I don't know who invented I just remember seeing it somewhere then I modified it to work in my gun. It uses a pretty simple idea for making a 4 sided rail system. I swear I did not take this idea from any other guns although I've seen one just recently that uses a similar system. For the sights I made a small peep hole for the back and then I just use one of those orange "handle" connectors or whatever you want to call them for the front blade. I'm trying to make the stock adjustable but for now I just have it fixed. Hopefully I get a picture up soon. Hmm either the spell check isn't working or I typed a perfect paragraph! By the way I really want to make another video soon so I might use this gun for a video. I'll most likely only get videos of guns with either a lot of features or ones with a new mechanism.


plz post it's way better than charles p. besides he wont post better instructions.lol

im no beginner u called me one u say i cant friggen replicate welllll... now can i enter the contest u rejected me from


Tip of barrel too short, mag wayyyy toooo longggg, body too small, stock too big. Out of proportion.

do i need to mention that the mag does not curve properly

yes i know ive said this to like 8 ppl i made new mag!!!!!!!!!!! heres the new version


What he said. Also CK I never rejected you from the contest. It was for knexperts only (if that's the one you're talking about) and at the time you weren't considered one. Either way we only had 18 spots which got filled out. I guess Jollex felt that two more could enter. And honestly I think that before you can be a good knexer you need to be a good person which includes using proper grammar.

hay check out my magnum,

you now that mp5 on you screen whit your name thats sick it's so cool or post that g36 c thats better then dutchwarlords gun he is also good builder but its so chaostrophie

ok that ak 74 is that een uzi model from call of duty 4 then i agree then post that gun plzz

an AK-74 is a better version of an AK-47. Take a look at my AK-47 and you'll get a basic idea of how it will look. I'm making the AK-74 to replace the 47 because I made it better.

I know you're at the computer screen right now...Must I out a foot through it to get you to post? MUAHAHAAHAHAAAAA!!!!!!!!

Um thanks. I might post an MP5 sometime I've made quite a few different versions but didn't like them very well. Sorry to say the g36c is too similar to my up coming AK-74 in the way of how it works even if it does look different.

do you want to use my m4 stock its better than the picture and its ajustable


Nah I'm done with the M4 project...too many others made them and mine isn't going to be any better. Plus I own an airsoft M4 So I tried making everything exactly to scale...people tend to make very large stocks.

ok, what airsoft m4 have yoy got i just ordered a well r6 and a ak47 from america cos you cant get the airsoft guns in ireland they should come soon,im making a new powerfull knex gun ill post it soon

Crosman. The only thing that ins't to scale on it is he end of the barrel. That really didn't matter to me too much as I was going to end up making it shorter anyways.

plzzz now can i enter i have a p90 and this and a magnum isnt that good enuf?

Enter what? The Knexpert tourney. The list was set and made for specific people. We only took some other people because others didn't participate.

Hey, just a suggestion...Try making the rail a tiny bit smaller, and the mag looks small. Other than that, perfect! 5*

oh yeah i forgot to say this but i made a longer front barrel so the sight wont be up at the front

I got bored, so I made a new m4.

Photo 42.jpg

OK that's 3 comments with unneeded big bold letters...OK I'm starting to get the feeling I should make it again and post it. I might as well I have no other projects except an uzi/mac 10 like rubber band gun with a trigger in front of the magazine...it's just a conecept gun though so I'll gladly destroy it to remake this. I could probably make this a lot better and include an under rail attaching grenade launcher for my D Spodies.

plz post m4 plz post m4 plz post m4 plz post m4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry I decided not to. I might make some variant of the M4 based off of this knex gun but I'm not remaking this exact gun. We have better ones that this.

Sorry for the double post but I decided I just might instead try an HK416 but who knows.

i'm not sure how to say this but...


POST IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dear the dunkis can you post that mp5 please i like that guns very much i think that you the best builder of instructables please post

Um...yeah sorry I destroyed it. There are plenty better M4s than this one.

noooooooooooo....this is awesome!! why did you do that????

because as most the good people would say "there are better ones" I didn't care for it really I was just using it to test out a few things. I was hoping maybe someone could have built from the picture and posted it for me if people really wanted me to post it.

fireing dont matter, looks r better! u no wot they say about looks :D

I know. There are better looking ones too. By the way most "Knexperts" hardly care about looks if it is innovative. They take functioning over looks most of the time. This gun worked great too but nothing special.

well, i could move it into a rifle fireing system if u can rember how to make it