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TheDunkis's War Game Idea Answered

Alright well here's an idea I had for awhile and I've posted it in a comment but I wanted to post a topic to see how others like it. Going a long with my style of naming things I'll just call it the TDWG. Please note you may change any number that you like in here. These are just my recommendations.
Here's how it works. You'll have any number of teams that will each get a split amount of knex pieces. You'll be given an amount of time say a half hour or so to build up-
1. Defenses
2. Weapons
3. Any other extra things such as traps or ammo holders stuff like that

*You'll have to use an honor system (until someone come's up with "Splody Armor") Basically you can set up an amount of health like 10, 25, or whatever and then you assign each type of bullet a damage amount. For example you could say-
Green Rod=1
Dark Grey=1.5
White/Dark Grey+Green Rod= 2
Orange connector= 2.5
Blue Rod= 3
Orange Connector+White Rod (What was going to be the ammo for my repeating crossbow)/+Dark Grey= 3.5
Yellow= 4/5
Red= 5/7
Grey= 6/10

The last three rods may be changed depending on your starting health. I didn't want people just making simple guns that shot grey rods to get an instant kill with little effort but I also didn't want to discourage snipers from wasting the extra pieces just to do like 1-2 extra damage.

*There are now two different types of ammo: Piercing and Blunt. Piercing are any rounds that have the tip of a rod (or any bow styled tip). They need to hit you with the tip or they only do half damage/ whatever less amount but they also OHK vital organs (Head and heart) and if we ever develop armor they would "pierce" the armor and only have the damage reduced by so much. Blunt rounds would be any connector made bullet. These are like dark greys and orange connectors. They do the same damage no matter how they hit you. They don't "pierce" through the body or armor though. Notice that connectors take up more space in a magazine (even if you add a rod for the tip to change the ammo type to piercing). Also they are pretty much the only ammo a rbg gun can fire which are all almost semi-autos with decent range. I figured this made the ammo types balanced out.

-The host can select the amount of knex that is used. You could give each team only small amounts so that they use them wisely or give everyone a lot to spam the parts as much as possible.
-Fix Mode Basically if any piece is busted off from it's place you are not allowed to reconnect it and must take it out and add a new piece. This requires you to save pieces in case your gun breaks.
*-/Medic Mode You can choose one team member to be a medic. They then have to stand by the person for 10 seconds for each health point and if you allow it 30 seconds to revive the person who has second chance perk (which would give them only 10-20% of their entire health so that someone doesn't purposely die to regain more health)
-Originality rule. You make it so no one is allowed to use guns on the "banned" list so that we don't see a flood of killerk pistols. You could also make it where they have to build purely their own designs.
-Perks (yes I play CoD Too much) Basically each player gets to select one special ability they get for the match. Stopping power would add 1 point of damage to the original damage for each bullet. Martyrdom would let you throw an explosive within meters of yourself when you die. Second Chance would let you lie on the ground shooting your side arm for 10 seconds or whatever your "bleed out" time is set at. In this time you may be revived by a medic. Juggernaut will give you an extra 20% health or so.

Alright so here are some things to remember/ take into account/ try out/ blah blah blah/ I'll stop making things up now/ and minute now/ ok I'm done.
-You must analyze how much knex the host has given you to make sure you don't accidentally run out half way through building.
-Yes bigger ammo means more damage but maybe the bigger pieces are limited? They also take more pieces to make magazines for and need more power for distance.
*-Take into account the different ammo types. Rods may be more accurate but you have to make sure they hit the person right to deliver the most damage. Blunt ammo takes up more room but they do the same damage no matter what and can be used in rbg to deliver heavy support fire.
-Remember think assembly line. Would it be easier for everyone to make their own guns? It would probably be smarter to have like a couple people make the guns and then another part of the team build a wall or armor for defense.
-What kinds of guns should you use? Small guns like pistols generally only use small ammo and thus less damage but you can build more in a small amount of time. Snipers with bigger ammo and longer distances would make awesome weapons when appropriate but take time and pieces. Making support weapons like rubber band powered semi autos offer great support power because they fire fast and have decent power. They take ages to reload and take up many rubber bands so they would be best used in bases with protection. Make sure you have a wide and smart spread of jobs for your teammates.
-Setting up mines and making grenades could offer great defensive and offensive support. Throw grenades on charging enemies to make them retreat. The are usually easy to make although the best ones are also rubber band consuming and you'll have a limit to those.
-If playing in large areas or better yet, dark areas, it might pay off to have silent weapons so that they don't hear you firing at them.
-Set up an explosive environment with knex bombs such as IaC war bombs or DX8 (Compact version coming soon) Suplodies to shoot at to make burst of pieces fly everywhere. Set them up in the middle of the war zone or in areas with a lot of cover to make a no man's land where no one can hide.
-Yes if the gun fires shot as in more than one piece of ammo at a time then each piece does the same amount of damage. So if a gun shoots 5 green rods then for each green rod that hits they receive the damage of a green rod. If all 5 hit then they receive 5 points of damage. With the spread of the shot you can dish out a lot of damage on a group of foes. They do usually have short ranges though like real shotguns.
-Got any more ideas?

Anyways I know there are other guides for things like this but I'll make this just for my game.
Basically the ones who get to charge the enemy. They'll fight using generally the "assault" rifles or true shotguns.

The almighty healer of the team. You'll need to protect them. You have the option of giving them the ability to self heal although they cannot fight during this time. They will generally be equipped with light weapons to run around such as pistols and "sub-machine guns" Sometimes can be partnered together with the Support Class.

They usually have the fast firing guns or repeaters with good distance to help suppress the enemies. They usually stay back at base or from a far distance. Sometimes they can be partnered with the Medic class.

This is an obvious class... You hang back either at the base or another sniper point and snipe others. Obviously they are usually equipped with rifles with high power and large calibers.

Kind of a lowly class. They're in charge of making more weapons and fixing them+your defenses after the building stage is over and the battle has begun. With them being the only ones who can build after the building stage they are more valuable than you think.

Shotguns and explosives! Basically a more destructive close up version of the support class. Being the pyro-masters they are they can build more explosives with spare parts like the Smith Class

I'll think up other classes later.

Personally if I were to be in a battle like this I would probably pick the support class or medic. I'd probably arm myself with the Stg44 and then I'd use the TDS2 or a similar weapon just something small that I can use to defend myself while trying to reload the weapon. I'd probably make a few splody like weapons to lug out.

What would you guys be and use? Also what would be your strategies? Most importantly how do you like the idea/would you ever play a game like this? I was just bored and wanted to post this.


id be support an make a massive mountable machine gun (eg mg42) or sniper with sumfin like a barrett 50 cal

I would probably want to go into either assault or support class. I would use the AR-4 Commando v2, and my Jackal .357 v2 (i know its not posted, but the plans are coming out great) and lastly, what kind of knex guns would you want on the "banned" list?

Killerk Pistol is an obvious one because it's so simple to build and yet effective for a single shot gun. Uh I'd have to go through all the knex guns to think out some more but I think I'd just ban block trigger guns out right away otherwise it would get boring with little effort being put forth. Then I'd probably ban some guns partially like you may only build one such as some rbgs as if your whole team has them then you'll most likely get stormed and overwhelmed right away. Some guns like the DD-27 I would only allow (say if we all met up somewhere) to the team that has Dsman on it.

duh at all block trigger pistols! but the team that gets the DD-27 has an unfair advantage because it has insane power and range that can only be equally returned by my sniper rifle..... and would the team only be able to use guns that their members built only, or can they use any gun not on the banned list?

Well yeah and the other teams have their own advantages. Basically in most cases you would only be allowed to build guns that members of your team own. If you play a match where you are allowed to build any gun not on the banned list then guns like the DD-27 would most likely be banned at my games.

Look for * updates! I'm actually planning on making this a good war game.

Man I really wish we could set up a place where we all meet for a war. By the way what would we do for teams? Please don't claim all the good people or anything. Pretend that team leaders get the biggest amount out of the prize. Be daring. I was hoping to team up with IaC and dsman as we are usually associated together but I am breaking my own rules then. I'm sure they'd like to each have their own team too. So who would be part of the Pro-Dunkis alliance?

What makes you think a good builder will be a good player? ;)

True...so true. I guess that leaves them to be the smiths lol. I play airsoft and am incredibly acrobatic (not like gymnastics, but I can dive and dodge pretty well) so yeah I would love being out there. Lol IaC could just man his cannon from afar. I'm not sure about dsman. I'm pretty sure most of the other knexperts can at least run...

To quote Mepain... "All you need to do in a Knex war is run and shoot"

As do you in about every other shooting game. Sure knex don't have nearly as much range but they also offer quite a few more strategies. The variety of weapons make it interesting and then the fact that you build your weapons and defenses from scratch at the start makes for an interesting show.

Yes. And so customizable... Its amazing. I know one Knexer who lives a block from my house, but then you are the closest so Yeah :-( Btw, Micro is finished. Instructions soon.

Man you get annoying with you and your cannons. I wouldn't call it a heavy cannon anymore. I really do wish we could get together somewhere. It's surprising how the knex community is relatively big but so concentrated to these two sites.

Yeah I know... I will let you know If im going anywhere near you... That would be so cool. Really akward, too though... As for "Heavy Cannon", I think it is still heavy. Bigger than most guns on this site, and the same as the origonal, I think its fair to say its heavy.

We're having an airsoft war in a anbandoned field/wasteland area. I have the most powerful gun, it will be cool though! (:

Ah well, you can make things out on Knex twice as good my man! ;)

A new micro cannon coming out ;) ? You got anything new in for store? Me and oblivitus are hopefully going to build a good Crossbow pistol. Tricky to make it quick at loading though with a mag. Because like on semi-auto rbg that fire pieces, there is that little gap you need to get the elastics through, just like that! :( Its a challenge!

Sounds very cool! I toungs about somthing similar with a psedo-semi auto mech. Never got around to it though Umm... Micro is finished, I just have to make instructions. uses about 80 purple connectors. Im also working on a rifle and full auto.

You mean there really was a Micro? LOL, I never knew! A quick piccy wouldn't do us any harm ;)

Nice! Still looks like it packs a punch too :) And I see you have changed your avatar ;)

I built the reaper, still had quite a few pieces left, the only thing I only just had enough of was blue rods. Does this use more?

It turns out I already have the parts list. Here it is.

Dark Grey (one pronged)--26
Light Grey (two pronged)-8


Medium wheel----------------4
Silver Spacer----------------24
Blue Spacer-----------------48
Y Connector-----------------6
#64 Elastics------------------17


Hey, just built the spirani. Got 2 64's tied together and then used as single bands again if you get me, and one normal 64. Very, very powerful! I am building a stock similar to yours too! I need to strengthen the barrel a bit though :(

Such a good gun, Eh? I did it with just one #64 and it was great... I want to have a war with a couple of them... Pictures when you are all done modding?

I made a tiny Heavy cannon! About 12" long! Still very, very, powerful!

No, my computer says that just about EVERY file size is too big, WTF???

Hardly modding, just commonsensical strengthening :) Yeah I will post a pic, tomorrow though, cba tonight!

Can't be ar$ed ;) Sorry, Sky + is coming in my room tomorrow :) So I had to clear everything out, + homework and eating ;)

Dude that thing looks cool! You sould really try to figure out how to make an arm brace or somethign so we can put it on under our arm. But then you'd have to figure out how to make a second trigger to activate the frist one. You should make a carrying handle too for long distances. You know what you have to do next? Make a portable one. Make the bow fold up and the barrel slide in together so that it's easier to carry around. Anyways what's with the new prof. Image?

Huh? I was thinking of somthing very similar to what you just described. The handle would be on the bow, and the trigger beneath the barrel at the balance point. I dont know about collapsable, thogh. That might me one for you to try

Good luck. I tried to make the TDS a crossbow pistol and it was a major pain in the arse. You could end up making a very good side arm if this works.

Yeah, oblivitus has a very good mech he showed me. We are gonna try that out. The only other problem is having strong bow arms! I am working on it though! :)

I am very athletic, and a good marksman, I go shooting every week! :) I also play Lazertag every month or so, as we have one in a town near by (and it is the best in England :))