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There Should Be a Forum List For Airsoft Answered

I belive there should be a seprate forum list for airsoft, just like there is for Art, Food, K'NEX, and others! If you agree comment +1!



6 years ago

Airsoft is too specific. The lists are designed to be all-inclusive.

IMHO, an Airsoft forum would be a terrible idea because of the amount of people on this site who seem to know nothing about the sport, or only what they think they know from playing Call Of Duty. It would become a total noobfest damn quick.

+1. and where did you get the grenade launcher?

Aight so i don't have to ship far i was thinking 80 it comes with 1 reusablle gas shell but it only mounts to ris/ ras rails.

+1 =] Where did you get the grenade launcher?

how does the noobtube work? always wondered that.......

Theres a gas shell that holds about 50 bbs and the grenade launcher hits the primer and then it shoots!

Why not join one of the airsoft groups, and encourage your friends to join the same one?