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There is a way to apply a design for a 1 x only use to a silk screen frame without using an imulsion. What is it? Answered




8 years ago

there is also speedball drawing fluid and screen filler that are applied to the screen with a paint brush. I've never used either though.

You can make anything you want out of newsprint and lay it all out on the paper or fabric you are printing on - the design you cut or tear out will act as a resist to the paint and the very first time you use it all the pieces will stick to the screen for successive prints. No need for spray glue. You can pull many prints like this - easily 20, until the newsprint starts to slide or tear or bleed through. For an example cut out the letters to a word in a piece of newsprint large enough to more than cover the back of your screen. You want to be able to hold up the newsprint and be looking through those letters. Lay it down on what you are printing on, paper or fabric or a wall (ALWAYS do a practice print to get the screen seasoned so to speak) and lay your screen down on top and print. Your screened word will show up as the positive (painted) part of your art. Conversely if you took the letters you cut out and laid them down and laid your screen on top, the letters would act like a resist to the paint and you would end up with a rectangle of paint with the letters inside the painted rectangle. God, no one was kidding when they said a picture is worth a thousand words, I hope you understand all this. I've done it countless times, it's easy and very cool especially when you rip the paper to get what you want. The reason for newsprint is because it is so thin, it does not create a surface for the squeegie to bump over, also it absorbs the paint to make it stick to the back of the screen. You must use the back of the screen, not the inside where the paint goes.

the screen masking can be anything that sticks - there are resist pens that you paint onto the silk. Emulsion is the 'easiest' method.

you can cut a stencil out of paper, and use a spray glue to stick it to the underside of the screen, might even last for a few prints