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There is never no hope left Answered

Sometimes, when I'm discouraged, I watch this video. It gives me hope.

Moving Windmills.


 An inspiring realization that necessity is the mother of invention is actually true!
My dad was right!

now i don't have an excuse for not having that many tools!

We're all more alike than we realize.

The spirit of invention, Inspiring.

That is so sweet!!!

That man is a true genius. You could know every fact in the books, but to me, if you can't use those facts to do something, it ain't worth squat. He used what little he had to make something great with his own hands. God bless him. I hope he finds success in that company of his he plans on doing.

Unbelievable, I'm offically getting up off my ass, figuratively, I think if we all had this kind of drive from our ideas, well... I was already thinking about all this stuff because of the security guard filling in at work, he's like me but older, he's had loads of ideas and makes and fixes little things alot, but he's had these bigger ideas he isn't starting till he retires, it's bit late to be starting, though one of them will be a huge help to arthritic knees, a problem dawning upon me all too soon... I honestly am inspired by someone like this, plan of action is scrabble some money together, I've been planning the skylight for a while now, who says you'll have to be rich to light up clouds...

Wow absolutely amazing! It inspired me! *thinks about building windmill*


Puts the rest of to shame, really.

Just think he made a generator from his head now thats talent

I'm sorry, but I simply can't stand small pictures. I know it's not important, but these might make the post look a bit better in my opinion.

moving windmills 2.jpg

Yeah, I think this is a visually more compelling picture, thanks, and thanks to fungus for putting the original picture in.

Wow! What an amazing story!

I think its great how he was able to generate electricity for his neighborhood.

I almost cried a bit.....


10 years ago

That's pretty inspiring- I'm usually scathing about western techno-utopianism (ie the OLPC will solve all the third world's problems, etc.) but this is a great example of how a little judicious application of simple technology in the right place can greatly improve people's quality of life.

It also makes me angry about the amount of waste involved in stuff like writing off cars because it's not economic to repair them in first-world countries so they get scrapped. I'm sure, for instance, the alternators (and maybe liquid pumps) from trashed cars could be put to good use in projects like this guy's windmill.

Hey TUA, thanks for that. That is VERY inspiring. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase: Just do it! Very cool...