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There is no obvious BIOS button to press on start up. HELP!? Answered

I have an Advent T8 running windows XP media center. On start up there is no screen with the bios/boot screen instructions. HELP!!



Best Answer 9 years ago

It's DELETE for the Advent T8. Press once a second after switching on until you get in there. L

DELETE, F1 or F2 are the usual keys to press, depending on manufacturer. Occasionally F10, or Ctrl/S in the case of some old HPs. Sometimes hitting RETURN will take you to a boot/setup select menu.

Keep pressing the DELETE key like crazy as soon as you power on your computer! The BIOS should open up in a second...

Before the Windows splash screen with the scrolling bar appears, try pressing F2, F10 or delete. These often take you into the bios/setup screens.