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"There's a Mouse in my House!!" Answered

There is a mouse in my house!! Isn't he cute!! Any suggestions as how to get rid of him? He has taken a nibble of every single packet in my grocery cabinet.. Must have been looking for a tasty one. Any suggestions would be helpful. Oh... and I do not want to kill him. Thanks


Few years ago, I improvised an electric carpet to try to get rid of one which was harassing me during the night ... Of course, the ferocious beast did not fall in my evil trap, and I ended hunting it for hours with books ... The little monster escaped to death many time ... and I finally caught it with my hand (she thought she was hidden, but her little tail was still visible). As this long battle exhausted me, I put her in a box, planning to release her in my neighbour's garden in the morning that was soon coming ... But I did not wake up as expected (too much tired), and I forgot the beast into the box ... When I remembered, it was too late. The little bug was no mummified.

Her and family (as cute as they were) destroyed my stock of food, poo and pee in my dishes, and were destroying some of my papers, books and walls to make hives. I tried to catch them alive and to release them in the nature, but at long, as cute as they are, they successfully unveiled my inside predator ... Unfortunately, I'm not rich enough to share my food and my home with them.