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Thermal Electric generation using peltier modules and a household plumbed radiator? Answered

My idea was being energy conscious of some how incorporating thermal heat from the heating system of my house to power LED Lights in the rooms where there is radiators. I need to find a way to incorporate a make shift kit using peltier modules heat from the radiators and a natural way to cool in a bid to reduce the electric during the winter months. Advice is welcomed and opinions also taken onboard as regards to its productivity and if it will be able to do its designed task. Thanks.


Firstly TEGs are only about 5% efficient, and then only with a 150 deg differential. What you buy from the grid is around 40% efficient.

Second, where will the energy come from ? The differential from the inside to the outside, ideally, so for 20W of LED lighting you'd need >>400W of losses to the outside.

The heat source will be around 80 Deg C which would be the heated radiators, obviously only active whilst the heating system is running, I was looking at running only a few clustered Super bright LED's too each cluser of peltier modules,

I am new to the concept and trying get my head around the maths and theories of it all so forgive me if I'm slow or confused when I respond. If the theory of my idea is proven to be flawed and in efficient then i'll have to look into a new concept to obtaining cheaper lighting.

You have to not think about "temperature", but about "energy". Unless there is a flow of energy, you wont' be able to tap anything. Peltier cells rely on DIFFERENCE in temperature to create an energy flow you can tap.