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Thermite Destruction of Hard Drive Answered

There are many ways to get rid of the data on a hard drive, but igniting thermite on top of it is probably the most extreme and ridiculously secure.

Here, the thermite is set in a clay pot over a computer case and ignited from below to demonstrate a method where you'd want to destroy everything... right away! You know, because you're a super-spy and stuff and the other guys could break in at any time while you're surfing the web.

Thermite hard drive destruction
via Gizmodo



9 years ago

hmm... this would be good if the FBI come around.

This is a good instructable, and a fun video to watch, but I find myself needing to ask: With none of the source material generated by Fungus, how is this not stealing? Thanks, Purduecer

This isn't an instructable, this is a forum topic. We talk about the video, site, or random theme or thought. The source is right under the video. It says: Thermite hard drive destruction via Gizmodo This means that this was originally found on Gizmodo, and is now being talked about here. In no way is it stealing.

ah, pardon me, I somehow missed that it was a forum topic *silly me*

Why, back in my day, we'd just have used a magnifying glass...

tats what cause the world trade centers to go down so fast and spread. thermite wasnt in the planes but spread and hinden within the buildings. crazy how just anybody can grab ahold of this unstoppable destruction.

Much more crazy are the people who believe that thermite had anything to do with that. What color is the sky in your world?

I L0V3 TH3RM!T3!!!! I love when Mythbusters use it!

Now THAT'S effective...

my friend and I always had the idea of hooking up an old pay as you go cell phone up to some sort of ignitor to light up some thermite. you would put it on top of your hard drive and other important components so when the FBI come around you call your extra phone and BOOM the whole computer goes up in flames. its kinda like those cell phone activated IEDs in Iraq.

you just gotta hope someone doesn't call your phone on accident by dialing the wrong number. mabe you could have two old cell phones in there. one would turn on the other, so that you could call the second one that just got turned on by the other phone to ignite the thermite. it would be like a digital safety with a code to arm and a code to fire!

super cool but my way is faster

Thermite is awesome.

ok... it gets destroyed, but you dont get the shiny mirrory platters and the magnets!


9 years ago

So all we need to do is package some thermite in a package the same form factor as a 3.5 inch drive, and make it software-fireable via the computer power. You could mount it above your normal drive(s) in your PC, and in an emergency you press the panic button and reduce things to slag. You could sell a ton of them to [censored]. There does seem to be some disagreement on the legality of making/selling/owning thermite, but the most liberal interpretation is that it's not even considered "hazmat" because of the difficulty of ignition. (now, the IGNITOR would be a bit of a problem...)

only if the FBI breaks down your door

BATFE is the one in charge of the ignitor :-)

lol "guaranteed eniliation in under 5 seconds !"

Very nice! I especially enjoyed the melty bits.


9 years ago

Cool. Sending this to my buddy; he's is a mech engineer who's co. used thermite for welding operations (mining and rail.) Using the terra cotta pot to direct the reaction is awesome...

Now I just need to make a circuit that ignite a thermite charge if you enter the wrong password a given number of time. xD

Besides my initial reaction of "Wow that is so cool!" your antics have made me wonder what brand/model camera you have. I like its reaction to fire.

Actually, allow me to be more specific: does anyone know what sort of camera was used, or happen to own a camera that can properly lightmeter fire?


9 years ago

those drives must of had some important files........ and someone isnt giving me it XD

neccesary........no FUN........... HECK YA! (but i like to steal parts off of it XD)