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Thermo electric? Fridge, can I put a fan to the door to cool my small room?? Answered

Thermo electric? Fridge, can I  put a fan to the door to cool my small room??
It has a big Thermoelectric component on a even bigger heat sink on it and it works as a fridge, will it work as a cooler as is or if I take out the cooler component and place say 12 psu fans on top of the cool side?


Put a big block of ice in a pan and let the fan blow over that and it'll cool off the room some.

No. A fridge is a heat pump. If you open the door, all you're doing is pumping heat out the back of the fridge while drawing more heat in the front. If anything, your room will get warmer, since the pump is not 100% efficient and gives off some heat of its own.

To make an air conditioner, you need to radiate the removed heat outside the space you're trying to cool. If you cut a hole in your room's wall and put the fridge through it so its cooling coils were outside and its interior opened into the room, that would be a small (and not very efficient) air conditioner.

Better to get a real air conditioner.

(In the case of thermoelectric, of course, substitute hot-side heatsink for coils in the previous description. But the basic principle still holds -- you can't empty a bucket by puming it into itself.)

You are correct,

I remember I tried that on an emergency, all it's really going to do, is melt the ice, cause a leak in the floor, heat up the room, and leave an ugly smell for the next year.