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They make hand-cranked radios and flashlights, why can't they make a hand-cranked TV that never needs batteries? Answered

The small TV's they make now are all batteries and they run out too fast... and I always run out of batteries. Seems to me they could make that small TV hand-cranked...like the radio, since some of those hand-cranked radios are pretty big.


CRT Televisions use way more power than radios do, but if you could get the LCD from a cell phone or something, you might be able to power it from a crank.

I only found one hand crank TV that I could watch ( all the others are TV sound only) but that one was UHF/VHF and not ready for 2009 digital. I would have to buy a converter box and that would have to be plugged in....

Well the reason the batteries run out in battery tvs is because the tvs use a lot of power. So yes, you could make one, but you would need to crank it longer/harder then a crank flashlight or radio.

It's perfectly doable. You could even make one yourself!