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Thiefbot Answered

I really enjoyed playing Descent and Descent II, but I hated that $*!%#@ thiefbot in Descent II. I'm thinking that a thief bot running around the house would be pretty fun. It would like dark spaces, but come out into the open occasionally, or when it's quite dark to steal things. It would use a simple mechanical capture and release with a "loaded" sensor. After stealing something it would move around the darker spaces of a room until it sees its' lair and "hoard" items in it. A while later, it would go out again. I expect I would want this guy to dart around pretty fast, so I'd probably increase the drive speed, so as to make it more of a tripping hazard. So the rules would be something like: 1) Move slowly and randomly in shadowed or relatively darker areas. 1B) Randomly dart out into lit areas for a short while. 2) Move very quickly in bright or lit areas until a small object is loaded or darkness is reached again. 3) Only steal one item at a time, so be aware of Load/NoLoad condition. 4) When loaded, begin lair sensing and follow dark areas slowly until the lair is sensed. 5) When the infrared lair marker is sensed, navigate towards the lair and engage the mechanical release until a NoLoad condition it achieved. 6) Charge and wait awhile. 7) Begin navigating slowly and randomly in darker areas. This would sure make my nightly pickup easier. And more fun.


. The only real problem I see is identifying what to steal. If you're not too concerned about the 'bot being useful, you might just have it steal special objects that it can ID easily.

Oh, I just want it to pick up the little toys my girls leave on the floor and otherwise be a major tripping hazard. :) No recognition necessary, just wander randomly until an object is encountered and captured by the mechanical catch.

. OIC.
. Now I see a MAJOR problem - little girls leaving more toys in the floor, just to see the 'bot do his thing. LOL.

Yeah, really. OK if you want it to clean up after the kids, legos, Barbie shoes and clothes, great. Otherwise you might need a good lawyer to help you with the lawsuits from ppl breaking bones and such when the trip over it. Besides in my neighborhood I'm surrounded by thieves I don't need this product. Sorry. Although it could keep the kids entertained for a while.

theifbot, cmon, get original man, theives are stupid. if it stays in the shadow, call it ninjabot!!!

oop, sorry, didn't realize it was based off of the EVIL (annoying) theifbot in descent 2