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Thieves Steal 200 Ton Bridge Answered

I was always impressed by pranks such as the fire truck on the Great Dome at MIT, but over in Russia some thieves went waaayyy beyond that with some criminal shenanigans. These guys walked off (OK, drove) with 200 tons of metal from a bridge to be sold as scrap. It was all done in the middle of the night and it's also the only road to a heating plant. All the workers will now need to find new ways to get to the plant.

So... how'd they do it?


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it doesn't specify what kind of bridge it was, some bridges are made from sections, maybe they just dissassembled it. They said there's a heating plant nearby.......who's to say they didn't take some tools from there?

Haha, I love this, though it's a bit annoying to see something you always wanted to do done... I loved the firetruck and had forgotten all about it before, this is the kind of criminal that should walk free, I think the justice systems of the world should have a dick dastardly system, penalties and jailtime shall be shortened or waived in the face of complete insanities such as these here...

I suspect the bridge is in fact still there, merely sprayed with Invisible Paint, and the thieves will return after the heat has died down to haul off their bounty...

maybe that's what Criss Angel does.....he makes a bridge over a pool and walks so it looks like hes walking on water.....

Or rather our practical jokesters...that's what he used it for!

Well, it's obvious that they are actually genetically engineered blade-people. Like wolverine, except with blades coming out of every part in their body. All they did was swing their arms around, cutting the bridge apart. Then, using their awesome strength, supplied by the radiation from Chernobyl, they ran away with it, to supply their inner-body blades. Simple!

They did it from a blimp. One man stayed in the gondola to keep control, the others bungeed out with nail-files, taking a quick swipe at the bridge on every pass.

When they finally sawed through the metal, they all jumped at once, grabbed the bridge together and away....

Simple really. Anybody got the phone number for Interpol?

Not the first time. Several bridges in eastern europe have been stolen in the same way. I'd look for a logging truck with the big cherry picker claw. Looks like logging country to me.

Damn! I wish i had that much scrap! Geniuses!

One word: Awesome. I'm curious how the did it, too...

it sounded like the bridge was just a couple of pipes with sheet metal ontop, maybe they used a torch?

Not bad. Not bad at all. If the world has to have thieves, at least they are getting more creative.