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?Thin Client Server help? Answered

Ok, well I am back again with my strange questions but nao this time it is about Thin Clients. I purchased Three Compaq Evo T20 thin clients on ebay, well I want to simply install them in my home, and connect them to my server (which is whatever you want it to be) {not built yet, LOL}? Well, they can use a number of protocols, as they will only be used for simple tasks I.E. Internet Word, and thats it.
Here is the link....



Best Answer 9 years ago

There are several ways to connect them : can use the built in software and a Program from www.thinstuff.com that would make a fully functioning system.
This makes your Home PC ( effectively the Server)
into a Host for upto 10 Thin Cleint work stations. With it what ever is on your "server" will apear as if it is on the Local Thin client - Is Available on a try before you Buy basis and Runs for 14 days before you have to licence it
I found it works quite well - But can do a lot just using the Networking cababilities and a Bit of fiddling. Depends on what You want/need to do !

Cheers Mark


8 years ago

search for t20 on this site and you will probably have many options to choose from.