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Thin Film Battery? Answered

Hi, I was wondering what kind of battery chemistry I could use with thin film battteries. Something like a sheet of Material: A then a shet of paper Towel soaked in electrolyte, then Material: B. What should I use for Materials A and B? Aluminum foil/carbon paper, Aluminum foil, Copper Foil, Zinc Foil, Carbon Paper?


With metal chemistries, look for materials as far apart in the "electrochemical series" as possible.


Where could I find this "electrochemical series"? I know what it is but where could I find a copy?

Sounds like a cool project! As Steve said, you want materials as electronchemically dissimilar as possible (within the bounds of cost and obtainability :-).

You might want to do some research on existing thin-film technologies first (try Wikipedia for basic stuff, or Google Scholar for current research), rather than reinventing the wheel.