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Thing-a-day Round 2 Answered

February is Thing-a-day month. Sign up to make something every day for the whole month and post photos or video to the blog. There are no prizes, just the sheer momentum of being a part of a huge group of creative folks egging each other on to keep producing no matter what.

Sign-up is open to anyone and starts on January 21st. The deadline to commit to the sprint is January 31st at midnight.

From the site:

- Thing-a-day a month long online event where people take on the challenge to create one new thing every day for a month and post their work on this blog. It's also a place to exchange thoughts, ideas and comments on the nature of this creative process.
- Anyone can participate and no one will bug you if you don't post every day. You're free to sign up, you're free to give up and you're free to succeed.
- No rewards or prizes but the pleasure of knowing you'll have made 29 brand new things by the end of February and a few new friends (or fans) if you're lucky.
- Daily creations can be in any medium. The suggested time for creating a thing is around 30 minutes so most people will post sketches, drawings or exercises rather than actual finished pieces.



This just in from the organizer! In regards to official sign-up: "Signup is not over, it opens next Monday so you can still do it. "


10 years ago

ill do it.

So it starts on February first?

Do you think I'd get away with link-to-a-thing-I-already-made-a-day?

Great idea, though.

Worth pinching...