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Things that make me happy Answered

So every now and then, someone says something like "that won't work."

Now, depending on who or s/he is and what it is that "won't work" - I'll accept or try to make it work. Typically, it's the latter - exceptions for cases of heavy machinery and obvious scenarios that may involve sudden and imminent death.

So I had a bus driver tell me my bike won't fit on the bike rack... I do ride a recumbent - but it's a high racer. Recumbents have all the same bike parts - just in different locations. High racers happen to have two big wheels (26" in my case) - and they're located in the same spots as any other bike. Well, I'm posting here - so obviously it worked... And that makes me happy :)

In other news, I've been riding that 'bent for about a month - and I noticed today that my legs don't burn as much after my commute to/from school while keeping a decent pace :) <---when you convert from an upright to a 'bent, you need to retrain your muscles. This also makes me happy, but I've been purposefully training for a cycling event in a few months...

Anyone have a similar story that makes them happy?


Trebuchet, I see we share this sentiment anyways. I love it when people tell me something "won't fit", is "impossible", or "you can't do THAT": a CHALLENGE ! Ha! Watch me LOL I get no greater pleasure out of an accomplishment then if someone thought or said it could not be done, not because I proved them wrong, but because I was able to do what was genuinely thought to be impossible. I remember once when I was about 16 and only had a min wage part time job that my youngest of my two younger brothers said it would be impossible for me to get a credit card.....I had 3 in 2 months, one of which was a charge card (American Express). I loved to research things and put together ideas in a new way. Simple things also make me happy: The presence of a loved one, A fine wine, sipping wine, the sound of a rooster in the morning (I get to wake up one more time ! ).

Things that make me happy -

  • A cuddle from a loved one.
  • A warm bed that you don't have to get out of right now.
  • A decent pint of ale, drunk at leisure, in good company.
  • Flying a kite as the Sun goes down.
  • The smell of granary toast.
  • The smell of a steam engine.

The worst feeling is when you have the utmost perfect position/warmth/comforatbility in your bed, but you know you have to get up. That is every weekday at 6am for me.

My first alarm goes at 06:30. Three more alarms and an elbow later, I stagger upright at around 07:00, aiming to leave by 07:30 ...

Wow, our first class starts at 7:30. What time does your school begin?

Register at 08:45, first class at 09:05, school ends at 15:20. Our terms are longer than yours, though, I think? We get six weeks off in Summer - what do you get?

our first class is 7:50, school ends at 14:40. and we get about 9 weeks off for Summer, and 3 for Christmas. how much does your school get off for then? Or, how many days out of the year are you in school?

I am in school 185 days out of the year. 1 week for holiday break, 1 week for spring break.

Two-ish weeks at Christmas & Easter, plus a week in the middle of each term ("Half Term").

I used to work in a boarding school - The school day was an hour longer, there was compulsory "prep" time (= homework sessions), and lessons on Saturday mornings, but they got three weeks at Christmas & Easter, plus the Half Terms, plus eight weeks in Summer.

school on saturday?? un-american.

But very British ...

It wasn't even a private school, it was a state school, aimed at children who live in the middle of nowhere (farmers' kids, or kids whose parents work abroad).

ahh. and what exactly do you mean by British?

i know that! i was wondering if this was typical for Britain?

I think we get about 9 or 10. Depends on the makeup days. Our school ends at 14:18.

my first alarm goes at 5:30 and then a second one at 5:50... and i have to leave the house by 6:25 so i can catch the bus by 6:35.

Well it is not necessarily a story, but things that normally calm me and make me happier is the act of "finishing." As we finish things we feel a sense of accomplishment, which also makes me happy. The time when I have this feeling is when I am making 9V battery chargers for my friends. The way that I make them is extremely stressful because multiple leads are attached to one voltage regulator. Almost every time I end up re-doing each solder job again. One time I threw my soldering iron across my basement in anger. But the sense of accomplishment is what makes me feel happy, and finally finishing the charger is one awesome feeling of accomplishment I get.

I think that the amount of pride we have with any accomplishment is amplified when someone first tells you that it "won't work", or that "you can't do that". I've heard the latter more times than I'd care to count. But I've also experienced success many a time following said remark, and I think that in general makes me happy. I can't really think of any specific example for that right now, but here's another thing that makes me happy: music. Whether I'm listening to it or making it, though I do prefer to make it, music always lifts me up. Right now I can play clarinet, trumpet, and harmonica, and I just got a flute; one day I also hope to learn the tenor sax, violin, keyboard, and guitar. So I guess music always makes me happy :]