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Things to do in New York? Answered

I'm going to New York, NY, And I want to know what are some must see things. I already know about the Statue of Liberty, Broadway, Nintendo world store etc. But I'm wondering what things there are that people don't all know about. Any help?



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Shopping Areas
Times Square
Broadway-Seventh Ave. from 42nd to 47th Streets 1, 2, 3, 7, N, Q, S, R to 42nd St. – Times Square The world’s busiest intersection has enough shops, restaurants, and theaters to keep you entertained for your entire stay. There’s Planet Hollywood, the WWF restaurant, a Toys R Us big enough for an indoor Ferris wheel, the largest music store in New York, MTV Studios, Good Morning America, many street performers and vendors, and much more.

Worth-Hester Streets and E. Broadway-W. Broadway J, M, N, R, Z, 6 to Canal Street; B,D,Q to Grand Street; F to East Broadway. This is a great neighborhood to pick up inexpensive souvenirs for yourself and friends back home. T-shirts, purses, porcelain figurines and mugs, silk slippers, not to mention monkey glands. A walk through this bustling area will reward you with sights, tastes, and smells you probably won’t find back home.

Manhattan Mall
33rd Street and Avenue of the Americas, 212/465-0500. The perfect spot if you’re feeling a little homesick and need a little mall time.

St. Marks’ Place
Eighth Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues 6 to Astor Place; N, R to 8th Street A walk down one of the hippest - and cheapest - shopping areas in the East Village will get you anything from T-shirts to jewelry to incense. You will probably want to check with your parents before ducking into one of the tattoo and piercing parlors. The young, eclectic crowd (New York University is nearby) makes for great people watching even if you’re not shopping. Eighth Street between 5th and 6th Avenues has probably more trendy shoe stores in one block than anywhere else in the world.

South Street Seaport
19 Fulton Street, 212/732-8257. This Financial District waterfront development has more than 100 shops, cafes, and restaurants. Who knew you could eat outdoors with a view of the harbor, tall ships and speedboats cruising by in NYC? Great views of the Brooklyn Bridge, too.


Canal Jean Co. 504 Broadway, 212/226-3663.
Hip and affordable jeans, shoes, and sportswear.

Modell’s Sporting Goods 51 East 42nd Street, 212/661-4242.
Mo’s has everything you’ll need for any sport.

NBA Store 645 Fifth Avenue, 212-515-6221.
The NBA store is the ultimate basketball shopping experience.

Niketown 6 East 57th Street, 212/891-6453.
If sportswear - or sports - is your thing, this is the place.

The Sony Style Store 550 Madison Avenue 9th Floor, 212/833-8800.
The latest and most cutting edge technology around. The display window alone is worth the trip.

AMC Empire 25 234 West 42nd Street (between 7th and 8th Avenues), 212/398-2597. There are 25 screens with nearly 5,000 seats, and a great restaurant. In other words, you might never leave.

Broadway City 241 West 42nd Street, 212/997-9797. A huge, high-tech spot in Times Square where virtual reality motion simulators and classic video games are set in old New York landmarks.

EasyInternetCafe 234 West Street, 212/398-0775. The world's largest Internet cafe, located in Times Square, has 800 PCs and is open 24 hours. You can get online for only $1.

Bowlmor Lanes 110 University Place, 212/255-8188. This cool bowling alley has 42 lanes, rock music, and two bars. If curfew allows, go for Night Strike - glow-in-the-dark bowling and a DJ spinning house and techno - Mondays 10pm-3am.

Central Park Bicycle Tours/Rentals 310 West 55th Street, 212/541-8759. Rent a bike and see the park at your own pace or take the two-hour guided tour.

Chelsea Piers Sports Complex 23rd Street & Hudson River, 212/336-6500. This mammoth sports complex on the Hudson River has batting cages, a rock climbing wall, 52-stall driving range, indoor soccer fields, basketball courts, a 150,000-square-foot health club, ice skating rinks, in-line skating rinks, a swimming pool, and more.

ESPN Zone 1472 Broadway, 212/921-3776. This sports-themed spot has standard American grill food, an entire floor of interactive games, and 200 televisions, so you’re sure to be able to catch whatever game you’re interested in.

Hard Rock Cafe 221 West 57th Street, 212/489-6565. A 40-foot guitar-shaped bar is the centerpiece of this international chain restaurant with rock 'n' roll memorabilia and steaks, ribs, 'pig' sandwiches, salads, and more.

Jekyll and Hyde Club New York 1409 Sixth Avenue, 212/541-9517.
Jekyll and Hyde of Greenwich Village 91 Seventh Avenue South, 212/989-7701. Where else can you interact with a mad scientist? Jekyll and Hyde is a haunted restaurant and bar for eccentric explorers and mad scientists where you can eat and drink while being surprised by spooky special effects and wandering “entertainment.”

Mars 2112 1633 Broadway, Level C-1, 212/582-2112. Take a flying saucer ride to this space-aged subterranean restaurant and bar.

Peanut Butter & Co. 240 Sullivan Street, 212/677-3995. Peanut butter fans rejoice! Choose from 25 different peanut butter sandwiches and desserts.

Planet Hollywood New York 1540 Broadway at 45th St., 212-333-STAR. Dine among an impressive collection of movie memorabilia and collectible merchandise.

Other Attractions

Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises The Beast Pier 83, West 42nd Street and 12th Avenue, 212/563-3200. The fastest thing in New York Harbor is The Beast, a high-powered ocean racer that takes you on a 30-minute thrill ride, with music blaring, close enough for a good photo of the Statue of Liberty.

FDNY Fire Zone 34 West 51st Street, 212-698-4520. Check out the life of New York’s Bravest through a variety of hands-on exhibits, including a recreated firehouse.

Hush Tours 292 Fifth Avenue, 212/714-3527. A one-of-a-kind, hands-on retrospective of the origins of hip-hop. The actual celebrities of this movement present a four-hour cultural sightseeing tour of the historical spots in the Bronx and elsewhere in New York City. Tour includes transportation, live entertainment, buffet lunch, and gifts. Get immersed in the beginnings of hip-hop. Hear and experience the language, locations, art, fashion, and song by the founding fathers. Learn the importance of the DJ, MC, B-boy, and aerosol artists.

Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum West 46th Street @ 12th Avenue, 212-245-0072. Walk the decks of an aircraft carrier, tour a submarine and a destroyer, and go on a simulated F-18 mission.

NBC Experience Store / Studio Tours 30 Rockefeller Plaza at 49th Street, 212-664-3700. Visit famous NBC studios, including the sets for Saturday Night Live, NBC Sports, and Dateline, depending on availability at time of tour.


Apple store 5th avenue?

Man, I wish I'd seen this earlier, before starburst Bogarted all the good stuff to tell you. Anyway, he got most of it, haha. Hope you had fun. :\

I know that I can't top that answer, but just to let you know, these are the best places for Makers and Instructables Junkies.

KidRobot- Best collectors' toys EVAR.

USS Intrepid- The coolest de-commissioned aircraft carrier in the world.

Instructables HQ- They are based in SF, but they have a spot in NYC. Call ahead.

Indy Mogul HQ.
 This was my favorite part of my trip to NYC. You might not be an indy filmmaker like me, but Next New Networks has a show for DIY clothing, cars, politics, humor, and animation.

Why was I not informed????
Too late now :( :(

 I hear it's not much. Check the forums. Sorry for telling you too late.

Buy a I <3 New York shirt and eat some New York pizza!

...I would be terribly tempted to dumpster dive at Steinway :)

Also I like how you descend from the Statue of Liberty to Nintendo World Store.

Hahaha.... Too bad old pianos are actually usually better than modern ones...

Some of those look interesting....