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Things you can make with urine? Answered


So far, I have learned that one can make phosphorus, ammonia, and potassium nitrate from urine.


And of course it can be purified for water.

I am wondering what else can be made with urine instead of wasting it?



Add it to your compost heap where the nitrogen will add to the fruity goodness.  Best not to use the 'direct' method of application unless your heaps are in a discreet place.  (Mine are #;¬)


6 years ago

You can make enemies with urine.

Lol.... eating lots of asparagus helps with that.

Hydrogen gas......tis easier then with regular water (easier meaning one H ion is less strongly bound in the ammonia solution).

To be fair, that's directly related to the ammonia content.

If you did electrolysis on Ammonia Hydroxide, you'd get the same result.

True, but the idea I was putting forth is that it is easier to seperated some hydrogen from urine then from plain water. :-) And urine is in such vast supplyh too...Mr E Meat's idea of fertilizer ALSO depends highly on the ammonia in the urine....the salts are detrimental, and will kill plants if used "as is";  at least eventually.  


6 years ago

Tyrian Purple is an ancient purple dye that traditionally requires a person a to pee on the crushed snail glands and then let them ferment for 2-3 weeks as a finishing step in the production of the dye.

The process uses the fermentation of urea into ammonia.

Urea has a lot of uses, from a chemistry point of view, and, if you have the stomach for it, urine is one of the easier ways to get ahold of it.
We can make urea without ever involving urine, but it's kind of a pain.

Since fresh urine is sterile it is sometimes use to clean works of art because it contains enzymes that will gently clean artwork.
Also urine is used to create an invisible barrier to protect gardens from rodents and herbivores.

Yellow snow. Been doing it since I was a wee lad.

LOL dont eat the yellow snow. No that kid did not spill his lemonade or his lemonade slushie...

Great fertilizer for your vegetable garden! Just dilute it (1:10) with water and apply to the soil (not the part you are going to eat). This is great to use all season long if you use wood mulch or hugelkultur as the nitrogen provided by urine helps offset the nitrogen that the wood mulch will absorb.