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Think there's any way to build a minidisc reader? Answered


Thanks for all of the answers , i did see a reader online but I couldn't find anyone selling it. I forgot that with a minidisc player this old you just have to let it record while your music is playing, no different then a cassette really, it also doesn't always separate the songs.

. It depends on how many of the sub-assemblies you want to make. It will be extremely difficult for a DIYer to make the read/write heads mechanism for a magneto-optical disc. IMNSHO, your best bet would be to buy a used unit (check EBay, &c).

Yes, can't see a better approach. It highlights what will be a major problem in the future with all our digital media.

then thats the problem just buy a drive far much more simpler and cheaper

. That's why I backup all my important data to 8-tracks. :)

Roflmao. Most of the guys here won't know WTF you are talking about.

+1. Also, I seem to remember that Sony was reluctant to release information about the data format being used on the MD (because they were thinking it might evolve into a copying-resistant publishing medium), so even if you had the heads and drive circuits and so on you'd probably have to reverse-engineer their filesystem, and possibly their audio file format.


7 years ago

It would be extremely difficult to build from scratch. A minidisc player will use dozens if not hundreds of specialized components and assemblies, as well as firmware and software written by people who have access to protected, copyrighted knowledge of how the whole thing works.

If you'd like to mess around with minidisc, I suggest hacking an existing player to do something cool, rather than trying to build one.

yes. Sony did it.