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Thinking about making a skype group chat for you knexersss Answered

If you're interested, please message me with your skype-name and I'll add you. I think this would greatly increase the collaboration aspect that if I remember correctly, was quite important when building with these plastics. I'm not implying that we'll be in a call all the time or anything just that there should be a place (much like KIchat, could go there too) to get help/feedback a lot faster than making a new thread and stuff.


Probably missed the party her but I'm finomenon99 if you want to add me. (Big fan, holla)

DarkOwlOndrew is my Skype name. I'm not on that much, though, but I could be more active if I wanted to. I love the things that you build, Zak.


Ok TheRacker I think it is.

With that regard, it'd be much simpler to just set up a chatroom online so that we don't have to have Skype. That said, I'm still up for using Skype: thedunkis
Thing is, lots of people have attempted many times to create chatrooms and we just don't catch on. Hopefully we do this time.

Skype just sits online and usually people who have it just have it onion he background. Also this way, people can catch up on stuff they missed.

All good points. Fair enough, Skype is the way to go.


4 years ago

You wouldn't happen to be Zakrants would you?

Yeah that's my old YouTube page.

Oh my god, you're alive...


4 years ago

I'd highly recommend you guys to message me with your skypes, when I get back on the 10th I think I'll start building some swagger.

I get back home on the 11th, so that works out well.

I get back home on the 11th, so that works out well.

Is it the same one I was on with you, bitz, ooda, and mepain the other night?

Sure I'm down. The only thing is that I need a camera, or I'd just have to use my phone. I'll look up my skype name later haha. Haven't used it in ages.

Yeah I think at this point the only way we are going to improve is through collabs.