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Thinking of turning a crappy rotary tool into a useful device, any ideas? Answered

So I just bought a nice Dremel, meaning my crappy 15 dollar Harbor Freight rotary is worthless. Since I won't be using it for rotary projects anymore, any advice on what I can use it for? I'm thinking something along the lines of the drill to lathe conversions I've seen, but I doubt it has enough power for something like that..?




6 years ago

Use it for low speed tasks, like polishing or cleaning. Save wear and tear on the dremel.

What's wrong with it? If the bearings are loose, there's a good Instructable for tightening things up, somewhere.

A mini, lap-top routing table can be quite useful.

Or you could make a small drill press.

No it doesn't have much power. But how do you like the idea of "fleecing" ladies for a nail-job?


Yup, the Dremel is a high-revs, low torque tool. A lathe (or a hand drill) is a low-revs, high torque application. It would make an excellent "turbo" cooling fan for a computer, though.

Yeah, I figured that would be a problem. Any ideas for something that might take advantage of the high-rev aspect? I just don't like throwing out tools, but this one's too crappy for me to even feel moral giving to somebody.

I can't think of anything off the top of my head other than high-speed drilling, engraving, and other standard Dremel-type stuff. I did once use a Dremel to repair another Dremel, so maybe you could keep it around for that....

Like raving mad studios said High rev low torque Id say to use it as something such as a Pcb drilling Set OR High speed kitchen mixer