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Thinkpad t42 malfunction Answered

I have an old IBM Thinkpad T42 it worked fine for several years. but recently it started malfunctioning. Whenever i shake it the screen goes black and the laptop freezes. If I take out the battery and put it back again it starts up every time. I disassembled it and checked everything but i coudn't find the cause of the malfunction. I think something toutches the metal frame but i coudn't find what does it. Can someone give me any idea what's the problem is? 



7 years ago

The hard drive is on the top of the suspect list. When you shake it the controller arm of the drive is loosing its place and can't read data. its sort of like the needle skipping on a record. It also means that its close to failing. If you can access the SMART data it will give you a detailed report.

It's not the hard drive I took it out but it didn't help anything. By the way forgot to mention that the laptop freezes even on the boot screen

I have the same problem with my t42 and the problem ended up being the hard drive