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This contest is gonna be Da bomb! Answered

Think about it, almost anything can be modded to use batteries, I hope we get some great entries, even if the prize kinda sucks......


What's wrong with the prizes? Good rechargeable batteries can be kinda pricy, and nobody dislikes an Instructables t-shirt.

just the batteries, chjances are that whatever project that wins will cost more than the batteries

Yes, but you get to keep your project. You don't trade it in for the prize. And, like Osgeld said, a lot of projects are made from stuff you already have.

It's more about the spirit of competition than the prizes anyway, and you're going to get some pretty cool stuff with this contest. Don't like the prize? Simple solution- stop complaining, just wait for the next contest.

You also get an Instructables Robot t-shirt.

unless its mine, which is 1000% made out of junk i had laying around


9 years ago

I like the prize! :D

Me too, I can always use more rechargeable batteries! My camera eats batteries like kids eat candy.

Not to mention I'm always the one people go to for batteries at my house so half the time I only have 4 batteries...

Same with my laser. Its green awesomeness diminishes after an hour of use.

what lazer do you have ??

Cool! Does it burn stuff?

No those ones were made illegal a while back, mine is just <5mW

I do too, even though I just bought 2 - 9v NiCads

The prize does NOT suck! I will find the batteries very useful for my hungry camera.. And I don't care if the charger is 120v operated, I have a converter to convert 240v to 120v.

Oh, I have just the plan.

All I lack is time.

I've been tooling my bum off at MIT ;P

I'm coming back though! Working on a few projects, and not being lazy = more time for i'bles!

and... master? More like.... Muffin, my main man! ;-)

Well my main man Muffin! I can't wait for some new projects!

They're in the pot, on the stove! I've got so many pictures... time to write up some i'bles!

Yay! We've missed you around here, sir! But I guess you not being here means things are going well, which is a good thing. :D

I've missed you guys too! Yes, things are going very well! I hope things have been going well around here (and there, for you) as well!

Thank goodness your back! Some crazy people thought I was you...

Oh dear.... They should know that muffins rocket scientists lead to data corruption... tehehe Glad to be back!

Hmm... make my time device run on batteries instead of liquid fusion technology... that's it!!

Not water, a crystal of an element I can't name so's not to create a time anomaly... Ahh screw anomalies, it's common name is cronorite

Heheh, I have something that is going to blow ALL of your entries away... >:D

You're not taking the title of this thread a little bit literally are you?

:D No. But that was pretty funny.

Time? What it that? And free time well that is almost an obsolete concept in my home.....but I have something brewing that will fit here nicely.... :-)

I like the prize. Rechargeable batteries are useful. Instead of having to go to a store to buy new batteries you just plug them into the charger.


9 years ago

well i spent half the night doing "proof of concept" tests and hammering out a lot of the details of my project so get crackin!

I plan to actually enter this one! I've got ideas that range from grossly inappropriate (for a family friendly site) to helpful gadgets to military-applications. I'll probably just enter the helpful gadget type.


9 years ago

Good rechargeable batteries aren't cheap.

duh...when did you find that out?? =D

Yeah, if you win, you can just send that prize to me. I don't mind! :D

no, im saying that the cost of shipping is probably more than the cost of the batterie. The device you make could cost more than the batteries!