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This day in history Answered

This day in history. Sure a lot happened, and here is one of them:

Day in History: Discovery Jan. 3, 1957: Debut of the Electric Watch, a Space Age Marvel


Sweet and sour, Pretty ugly, Same difference. So on.......

The most important day in history was when Instructables.com was made.

Each day I wake up in the morning is important to me LOL

Oxymoron: "A rhetorical figure in which incongruous or contradictory terms are combined, as in a deafening silence and a mournful optimist." How are you supposed to wake up dead? It makes no sense, cannot happen, thus since it contradicts itself, is an oxymoron.

True, because you cannot wake up once you are dead. But, you can wake up, then die immediately... think about it.

But thats still waking up alive, then dying. Not really waking up dead.

Scary Movie 4 anyone (or three?) Your having the exact same agument

That doesn't even make up sense. You can't turn up, and be missing..

True enough, but a lot of people say it LOL

have you ever worn:
tight slacks (that one kills me LOL)
said someone was: pretty ugly
drank from a: plastic glass
were you ever: doing nothing
and people say stuff like: go ahead, back up
all the time. :-)

World's largest mini-skirt worn on the tallest midget.

Wow.. all those things Goodhart said.. wow, I never realized that.
And, it is impossible to do nothing.

Yeah just pull it out, of the ole' book of Goodhart's interesting facts
That long list is in it isn't it Goodhart?

Are we challenging, the longest list of reply post's?? LoL that was tops.... Keep going... LoL!! :)

i feel like i fell off a cliff and hit the ground

hmmm, now you know how I feel... stuck in "this or that" !! arrrrrrr what a nightmare.

That's what they said, and I think it is "partially true" LOL

I just meant that if it is true, it is true, but partially true makes it not wholly true, and therefore not true.....a kind of oxymoron ;-)

Brainfjl hurtsdf nowl;;jj;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Wow, before I scrolled back to the top of the page, I forgot that the topic wasn't about oxymorons!

It is already published at several sites; the biggest one being Google :-)

Two classics: --Jumbo Shrimp --Military Intelligence

Government budget is a decent one too LOL

ok thats an oxymoron..but is there an name for what is written in one language making phonetic sense in another.... Ah..My latin teacher had one "The brave leader blew poison down his throat" in latin is "Forte dux fel flat in guter."

There might be, but i am unaware of what it would be called. Oxymorons are like: Tight Slacks. they seem to contradict each other.

i love an oxymoron. In ireland we have a tendancy to a strange turn of phrase. It seems that we use english using the gramattical rules of gaelic. So we tend to say things like "There was my bike, against the wall, gone!" Literally translated to irish it is perfect gramatically.

Oh you should hear the local Amish (called Pennsylvania Dutch, although they speak broken English, mixed with German, using German grammar); it is "wonderful gut !" An example: Throw Papa down the stairs his hat.

Today in history, in 1967 Donald Campbell died in an attempt to break the speed record on water. French existentialist writer Albert Camus died in a car accident. I have the news paper opened to that section. Its next to the crossword Im filling out. 22 across, 6 letters - ?s?y?s, clue - Idolises the commercial on metal containers.