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This device is the opposite of environmentally friendly. Answered

This machine burns energy year round. Is there or is there not another way to compost without a plug?


What device? And since when does a compost heap need a plug?

I suspect he does. Handily, though, their website has a cutaway diagram of the guts of the machine, and like the lightbulb oil lamp I suspect the community could do just as well. It's basically a trough to hold food waste, with a stirrer like a bread machine has, which occasionally drops compost into a tray shaped like a bread pan. The rest (heater, air filter etc) is presumably to make it kitchen-friendly. I bet we could replicate the design for under $300, most of the parts are covered elsewhere on the site already.

By using a combination of building parts and stuff like dirt cheap fan heaters I reckon it could definitely be recreated for a fairly low sum. Those boxes for recycling bottles may be a good start as a casing, to keep within theme.

Eh... I don't know, my point was that it soaked up electricity just by running, but I suppose using old parts would make it a bit better... Now if we could only integrate a solar panel... :)

The heater speeds up the process, I believe. And we probably COULD replicate this, but I don't think it would be under $300.

I stand corrected. :O That was really well done. I voted.

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I posted it under the forum for a contest. I have no idea how it ended up in here, unless someone moved it...

It still wouldn't show a specific project. Maybe you could add a link?

Heh? No no I posted under the green garden contest in the forum there... shouldn't it show up?

You still should have commented on the Instructable posting itself.

It was a contest for the GreenMill composter for the get in the garden contest, not an instructable Kite.


(In that case, you should have commented on the "How to enter" posting.)

Maybe I've damaged my brain more than I realized, but I don't really understand what you are saying. Did you try to enter this on the "Get in the Garden Contest" page? And you're talking about the prize, right?

Unless it's a puzzle - maybe we're supposed to work out what they're talking about?

Possibly... I wonder if we're going to get a response from the original poster?

We did, raise your eyes upwards L

Ah. You don't see separate threads when you use the "reply" button from your comment page.

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