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This forum confuse me. Answered

What was wrong with the old one? It didn't work well on mobile devices? Why do you make me hate people with mobile devices? Some of them may be a good persons...


I think everyone else thinks that way, except for the two people who use a phone. ._.


4 months ago

I think the coders are trying to launch into the mobile cloud Rather then us..

Well i have your emotion.

Mobile devices are the future... Many of us still use a computer but the percentage keeps going down.

Through the analytics of my Youtube channel, I can see that I got over 80K views in the past 90 days, and about 50% of the time people spent watching my videos came from a computer, 35% from mobile, 10% from tablets, and 1% from Youtube TV. That's watch minutes, not views. People on computers and TVs tend to watch a higher percent of a video.

Mobile devices are getting more and more popular...

Tablets and phones are largely passive devices for users to watch data. Instructables users should be able to access resources on large screen devices as well. I suspect the image functions have been destroyed because of that dichotomy.


I mean, I think the mobile website looks great. It's just kind of crazy I can't even see only the whole thumbnail without having to scroll down the page.


4 months ago

I prefer this version of the forum. But an option to sort questions and topics by the publications date/last comment posted/number of comments/other would be great!