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"This helps us reduce spam" Answered

In both FF and IE, under the comment box are the words "this helps us reduce spam," but there's nothing there. And I can't post b/c I get a pop-up which reads "Please type the two words as seen in the image." But there is NO image. In Firefox I have Ad-Blocker Plus, but I don't have it in IE. Nevertheless, I see no image, I see place to TYPE words IN an image. There's nothing there. How are people posting?


Please see this forum topic for all issues relating to Captcha not working.

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is there an Instructable on how to do this?

I got this same thing. When I turned off the pop-up blocker in IE9, the capptcha box and comment box appeared at the top of the page. I still couldn't en ter my comment as a reply to a specific post at the location where the post was (farther down the page), but it DID let me enter the same comment in the comment box at the top of the page, put in the 2 words in the captcha box, and then my comment appeared at the top of the page.

What you're supposed to be seeing is the Captcha box (as I presume you've already guessed :-/). Could you edit this posting in two ways, to help Staff help you:

1) Specify exactly which versions of FF and IE you're using where you see this, and which platform (Windows version, MacOSX, whatever).

2) Change the category from FAQs to Bugs.

Have you tried (temporarily!) turning off Ad Blocker in your Firefox session? We know it's useful, but apparently it also causes some of I'bles JavaScript stuff to not function correctly (no, it's not a conspiracy -- the Staff have recommended AdBlocker in the past!).

Also, if you have access to any other browsers on your system (Google Chrome, Opera, etc.), could you try them and see if you still have the "invisible Captcha" problem?

What he said.....and:

1) reset your browser font size (ctrl+0), oversize text can sometimes obscure the Captcha

2) any script-blocking browser add-ons can inhibit the page from loading completely and cause errors like the Captch not appearing.